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Students' Works Collection

Taiwanese Oxonians have various abilities in innovation, and are warmly to share their interests with friends from all over the world. This webpage collects the works from Taiwanese students in Oxford University.

For sharing your own works, in order to find the best way presenting your work in this website, please use the sample HTML file or discuss with Shu-chuen Huang (shu-chuen.huang [at], the Former Webmaster of OUTSS. Your work should contain basic information such as the name of work, the date of creation and the author's name.

The Works Collection in 2008-2009

Computer Programs

2009.04.28 The Language Trade by Edward Weng

About Oxford

2008.10.20 Volo's Guide to Oxford / Map_1 / Map_2 / Map_3 (2008.10) by Chia-shu Lin


2008.10.01 Winz's Diary in Oxford (since 2007.10) by Chia-shu Lin

Sketches and Paintings

2008.10.02 Cliff of Moher (2008.02.09) / An Eagle (2006.07.18) by Yuya Lin
2008.07.31 Monkey D. Luffy (2007.04.03) / A Horse (2008.02.09) by Yuya Lin
2008.07.28 A Leopard (2006.07.18) / Quiet (2007.04.03) by Yuya Lin
2008.07.25 Radcliffe Camera (2008.02.09) / Riverside Lions (2007.06.07) by Yuya Lin

Any kinds of works are welcome, such as students' news, writings, paintings, music files, photographs, poetry, computer programs, sketches, personal websites or blogs, singings, videos, researches, calligraphy, travel stories, ... etc.