Timothy Andrew Orville Endicott



Professor of Legal Philosophy

Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Oxford



Fellow in Law

Balliol College




1997                                    DPhil in Law, Oxford

1988                                    LLB, Toronto

1985                                    MPhil in Comparative Philology, Oxford (Rhodes Scholar, 1983-5)

1983                                    AB in Classics and English, summa cum laude, Harvard College





October 2007-present          Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Oxford

2006-present                         Chair of the Law Board, University of Oxford

2006-present                         Professor of Legal Philosophy

1999-present                         Fellow in Law, Balliol College

1996-1999                               Lecturer, St.Catherine's College (Fellow, 1998-1999)

1995-1996                               Lecturer in Law, St.Anne's College

1994-1995                               Lecturer in Law, Jesus College

1988-1991                               Barrister and Solicitor, Oslers, Toronto (civil litigation practice)



Administrative work


Law Faculty





From January 2006

Teaching Policy Committee, Social Sciences Division

From October 2006

Social Sciences Divisional Board and Planning and Resources Committee

From January 2008

Supervisory Committee for Permanent Private Halls

From October 2008

Management Committee of the India Business Centre, Saïd Business School

From June 2008

Management Committee of the Smith School for Enterprise and the Environment, Oxford

              From June 2008 Social Sciences Divisional Personnel Committee
              From September 2008 Social Sciences Reappointment Committee


Balliol College


Statutes Committee from October 1999

Academic Committee 2000 -  2004

Nursery Committee 2000 - 2005

Chapel and Patronage Committee from 2000

Chair of the Staff Committee 2000-2006

Finance Committee, 2007-present



Named lectures


April 5, 2001          -Olin Distinguished Lecture, Notre Dame University: ‘How to Speak the Truth’.

October, 2001        -Fresco Lectures, University of Genoa: a series of five lectures, ‘Law and Language’.

Nov. 24, 2003         -Public Lecture, King’s College, London: ‘Judges and the “War on Terror”’

September, 2004    -XIV Seminario Eduardo García Máynez, Instituto Technológico Autónomo de México: four lectures, ‘Law and Language: What can lawyers learn from     

                                  philosophy of language?’

March, 2009           -Fresco Lectures, University of Genoa: a series of five lectures (forthcoming).


Invited lectures and seminars


April, 1997             -Universitat Pompeu Fabbra, Barcelona [‘Higher-order vagueness and law’].

April, 1997             -Universidad Autonoma de Madrid [‘Vagueness and the Rule of Law’].

January, 1999        -University of Toronto, and McGill University [‘Objectivity and Contracts’].

Sept.1999               -Columbia University Center for Law and Philosophy [‘Law is Necessarily Vague’].

October, 1999        -University of Palermo [‘Raz on Gaps: The Surprising Part’].

March 2000            -Oxford - Texas Jurisprudence conference, Austin Texas [‘Moral and Legal Reasoning’].

May 2000               -Consilium Research Seminar (Balliol) [‘The Rule of Law and Venables and Thompson’].

May 2000               -Public Law Discussion Group, Oxford [‘Judicial Review and Ombudsmen’].

June 2000               -University of Genoa, IVR mid-term Congress [‘Three puzzles about rules’].

Sept. 2000              -University of Toronto [‘Are there any rules?’].

February 2001       -Toronto - Oxford Jurisprudence Colloquium, respondent to a paper by David Dyzenhaus.

May 2001               -Universidad Complutense de Madrid [‘“International Meaning” and Human Rights’].

Oct. 15, 2001         -Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Oxford, respondent to a paper by John Adams, ‘The Beginnings of Modern Common Law in the 17th & 18th Centuries’.

Oct. 17, 2002         -Bristol University, School of Law [‘Law and Language’].

April 11, 2003        -Notre Dame University Law School [‘The Reason of the Law’].

Oct. 3, 2003            -Oxford University Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Conference on Civil Rights and Security [‘Guantánamo Bay and comity between judges and the


Feb. 5, 2004            -Birkbeck College, London, AHRB Workshop on Intellectual Property Law [‘Vagueness in the Scope of Copyright’, with Michael Spence].

Feb. 13, 2004          -National Autonomous University of Mexico [‘The One True Interpretation’].

May 2004                -Jurisprudence Discussion Group, Oxford [‘The One True Interpretation’].

May 4, 2004           -Oxford Amnesty International [‘British policy on terrorism, and the law’].

May 24, 2004         -University of Genoa [‘Natural Law Theory’].

March 5, 2005        -Corpus Christi College, Oxford, conference on Moral and Legal Aspects of Terrorism, respondent to a paper by Lucia Zedner, ‘Securing Liberty in the face of Terror: Reflections from Criminal Justice’.

March, 2005           -Consilium Research Seminar (Balliol) [‘The Judges and the War on Terror’].

May 21, 2005         -Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona [‘How to disagree with H.L.A. Hart’].

Sept. 16, 2005        -Princeton University, ‘Natural Law and Natural Rights in Contemporary Jurisprudence’ [‘The Subsidiarity of Law and the Obligation to Obey’].

November, 2005    -Constitutional Theory seminars, Oxford [‘Habeas Corpus and Guantánamo Bay’]

January, 2006         -‘“Equity” and “Exceptionalism” as Themes in Anglo-American Literature’, Centre for Christianity and Culture, University of Oxford [‘I am Exceptional’ –a

                                  discussion of Wordsworth’s The Prelude].

January 25, 2006   -Public Law Discussion Group, Oxford [‘Special advocates and due process’].

May 11, 2006         -Oxford Jurisprudence Discussion Group [‘How to spell “accommodation”’].

May 26, 2006         -University of Palermo, ‘Law and agreement: a comment on Aldo Schiavello and Vito Velluzzi, Il positivismo giuridico contemporaneo. Una antologia

January 23, 2007    -Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, ‘Law and Adjudication’.

Feb. 17, 2007          -University of Fribourg conference on the philosophy of international law, Comment on Anne Peters, ‘Sovereignty’.

11 October 2007    -Oxford Jurisprudence Discussion Group ‘Oxford Legal Philosophy - Past, Present, and Future’, a colloquium with Professors John Gardner and Tony Honoré

November 2007     -Public Law Weekend, a conference at the Australian National University [‘Habeas corpus and Guantánamo Bay’]

November 2007     -Melbourne University School of Law [‘Habeas corpus and Guantánamo Bay’]

November 2007     -Monash University [‘Philosophy of Law and Philosophy of Language’]

June 2008               -University of Oslo, ‘Language and Law Roundtable’ [presentations in sessions on ‘Vagueness in Law, and on ‘Exceptions in Law’]

30 October 2008    -National Law School of India University, Bangalore [‘Habeas Corpus and the Common Law’]

27 January 2009    -Cambridge University [‘The United States Supreme Court and Guantànamo Bay: Three strikes’]

4 February 2009    -Yale Law School [‘Habeas Corpus and Guantànamo Bay’]

26 March 2009      -University of Brescia [‘Are Human Rights Really Universal?’]





Tutorials:  Constitutional Law and Introduction to Law (Law Mods), Jurisprudence, Administrative Law, and Contract Law (FHS), and Constitutional Theory and Jurisprudence and Political Theory (BCL). I taught full-time from 1994 until I became Chair of the Law Board in 2006, with sabbatical terms in Michaelmas 2003 and Michaelmas 2005.


Lectures:  Administrative Law (‘Basic Principles of Judicial Review’, 2000-2004) and

Jurisprudence (‘Introduction to Analytical Jurisprudence’, 1996-9). I organized group lecturing in Jurisprudence in Hilary Term 1998, and have given two or three lectures in the Jurisprudence Guide Lectures series (organized by John Gardner) in 2001-2003, 2005-2009.


BCL Seminars





Research supervision


Conferences organized


Feb. 1999                -‘Jurisprudence on the Continent’, a Colloquium supported by the Society of Public Teachers of Law and St.Catherine’s College.

Sept.1999                -‘Vagueness and Law’ at the Columbia University Center for Law and Philosophy.

Sept. 2000               -Oxford - Toronto Jurisprudence Colloquium [a visit of six Oxford legal theorists to the University of Toronto].

Feb. 2001                -Toronto - Oxford Jurisprudence Colloquium [a visit to Oxford by eight legal theorists from the University of Toronto].

March 2002-4         -Oxford Jurisprudence Colloquia 2002, 2003, and 2004, (with John Gardner).





Other academic things





Timothy Endicott






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*Peer-reviewed; the other articles and book chapters were invited contributions.