25th Anniversary Party - booking now open!

Dear all,

We can happily tell you that booking for Taruithorn's 25th Anniversary Party is now open! The event is on Saturday of 2nd Week of Trinity in the Oxford Reckoning, or the 9th May 2015 for the ordinary humans among us, Anarya 23rd Lótessë in the 23rd year of the Eighth Age, or Mersday 18th of Thrimidge SR8077 for the hobbits among us.

Please book using this web form: http://goo.gl/forms/J1Oe0CzDJF

Tickets are £20 for adults (16+), £5 for children (5-15). Under-5's free.

The theme for the party is, of course, "A Long-Expected Party". The Plan:

The day will start as we convene in the early afternoon for a garden party in Christ Church's Master's Garden. There will be music and dancing, food and drink, games and plenty of general merriment during this period. We've booked the Oxford Ceilidh Band, and have plenty of fun activities planned. We'll also be asking a few key figures from the Society's history to briefly speak to us.

In the late afternoon, we'll move indoors to the Lee Building to hear from a speaker, hopefully someone renowned in the Tolkien world, after which the banqueting should begin in earnest. The room will be scattered with displays from the Archive - photo albums, old Miruvor issues etc, and the amusement should continue well into the night.

Additionally, everyone attending the event will, in the best hobbitish birthday tradition, recieve a special present from the Society to take home.​ Other delights of the day may include another spectacular Taruithorn piñata. Smaug the Magnificent, not seen in public since last year's Banquet, may even be making a brief appearance.

Unfortunately there is no kitchen available to us in Christ Church, so while the Society will be providing a wide array of drinks, we ask that guests bring some kind of comestible - details are in the booking form.

​We'll be giving everyone​ a special commemorative issue of Miruvor, which should be lovely and pretty and glossy, A4 full colour throughout. A cover design is now underway. We've several articles promised already, and we're very keen for commemorative contributions from​ Old Members - it'd be brilliant if some of you would ​write ​ something​ ​​about your time at the Society ​(or anything else) ​- if you'd like to contribute something, please contact us at taruithorn@gmail.com ​.​ The deadline for submissions is the end of February (end of 6th Week of this term).

If you haven't already, do join the Anniversary Facebook event , and the Taruithorn International Facebook Group - many old Society photos have recently been posted to the group. You can also sign up to the Anniversary Event mailing list by sending a blank email to taruith-anniversary-subscribe@maillist.ox.ac.uk Do forward this to all your old Society friends,and invite them to the Facebook group and event etc.

Please email us if you have any questions,

We look forward to seeing you soon,
The Anniversary Committee