Taruithorn 25th Anniversary

In 2015, the Society will reach its 25th Anniversary. We plan to celebrate the occasion with a large event in Trinity Term of 2015 - likely on the Saturday of 2nd, 3rd or 4th Week (Saturday 9th, 16th, or 23rd May). Because of this event, there will not be a Banquet in 2015.

For this event to be carried out successfully, we'll need to reestablish contact with as many Old Members as possible - please send a link to this page to as many as you know. A mailing list has been set up for those who are interested in coming to the event - we will use this to keep you updated on its progress. An email will soon be sent to the Society's chat and announce lists with a sign-up link for this new mailing list - once you receive the link please forward it on to anyone you think might be interested. If you haven't received the link and would like to register your interest, please email the Society account (taruithorn@gmail.com) and we'll sign you up to it.

The event will take place in the gardens and buildings of Christ Church, Oxford, on 9th May 2015. Plans are still subject to change, and we very much still require input on entertainment etc, but at the moment, stand as such:

An Anniversary Committee has been formed to organise the event, and we invite any Old Members who live in/near Oxford that wish to to join the committee - this event is as much for the Old Members as the current ones, and we'd like to have some involved in the planning. If you're interested, please email the Society account (taruithorn@gmail.com).

Mae govannen, and we hope to see you all there,
The Anniversary Committee