1. The Society’s activities shall include:
    1. Lectures and informal talks given either by members of the University or external speakers on subjects relevant to the general aims outlined above.
    2. Discussion meetings on subjects relevant to the general aims outlined above.
    3. Social events which should be relevant to the aims of the Society as outlined above, at least one such per term and at least one banquet a year.
  2. The Committee:
    1. The Committee may also be known as the White Council
    2. Meetings of the White Council:
      1. Must be held at least once per century
      2. No committee member, whoever they are and whatever their sword is called, may wear armour or carry any weapon into a meeting of the White Council. Staves may be permitted provided that they are only props for age. An exception may also be made in the case of broken swords.
      3. If a committee member is unable to attend a meeting, apologies should be sent to the Secretary before the meeting takes place, detailing reasons for absence. Committee members should make every effort to attend, though all the hosts of Mordor (and/or Gondor) should lie between them.
    3. The Wrexham Representative
      1. Shall be a Committee Member without Portfolio as defined in the Constitution.
      2. Shall if he insists liaise with another town or not at all.
      3. Shall be responsible for keeping open friendly channels of communication with the market town of Wrexham, Clwyd. pop. 40,000.
      4. Shall assist the Secretary in handling any correspondence between Wrexham and Taruithorn, shall monitor events in Wrexham lest these prejudice the aims and interests of the Society, and shall work for greater harmony and co-operation between Taruithorn and all small provincial towns in North Wales.
    4. The Mornington Crescent Representative
      1. Shall be a Committee Member without Portfolio as defined in the Constitution.
      2. Shall ensure that the game of Mornington Crescent is played by the Society at least once per year.
  3. Honorary Members:
    1. Any mortal who has made a significant contribution to the Society, or whom the White Council deem to have merited it may be elected to Honorary Life Membership by the White Council, upon ratification of this decision by the following general meeting. This may only be terminated by the decision of a General Meeting.
    2. Any Elf, Wizard or other immortal being who has made a significant contribution to the Society may be elected to Honorary Membership. This shall last until he takes the Great Journey over the Long Straight Road that Leads into the Utmost West, is killed or the Society disbands, whichever happens first. It may be terminated only by the decision of a General Meeting.
  4. Titles for Members:
    1. Any member who has contributed works of supererogation to the Society and is therefore considered worthy by the White Council, and upon ratification of this decision by the following general meeting, may by vote thereof be elected to any of the following titles. The titles are as follows, in order of increasing rank: hero/heroine, superhero/superheroine, demigod/demigoddess, Maia, Vala/Valie, Victoria. There are also two special ranks: ‘Creatrix’, reserved for our society founder, Sarah Wells (née Sturch), and ‘Morgoth’, reserved for the Society’s first and longstanding senior member, Dr. Martin Grossel.
  5. Inlcusivity:
    1. Any form of bigotry or discrimination by members, including, but not limited to, racism, sexism, transphobia, heterosexism or ableism, against any human, elf, orc, dwarf, hobbit, Ent, Ainu or other sentient being of this or any other world, will not be tolerated. Anyone ignoring these warnings can and shall be removed from the society by the Committee under the Constitution.
    2. It should be understood that where the term "he" is used in the annals or this document, it is interchangeable with "she", "they", or any other preferred personal pronoun. Similarly, "man" is interchangeable with "elf", "dwarf", "ent", "hobbit", "wizard", "Maia", "Vala", "goblin", "orc", "troll", "dragon", "balrog", "werewolf", "vampire", "giant" or any other sentient being, in accordance with the Middle Earth equality policy.
    3. Neither may the Society discriminate upon whether or not people have read the Silmarillion.
    4. The Society shall at all times abide by the principles of free speech. In view of this, members are asked not to hiss or boo speakers unless they mention the Cambridge Tolkien Society.
  6. The Codes and By-Laws
    1. The Society shall abide by this document, but it shall be understood that this document is entirely subordinate to the Society Constitution.
    2. This document shall be found on the Society Website, along with the Constitution
    3. This document may be amended by a General Meeting (as defined in the Constitution), requiring a simple majority – any member may propose amendments to this document. The White Council may also amend this document at any time, subject to ratification by the next AGM.
  7. Miscellaneous:
    1. Lobelia should always be left the washing-up.
    2. Edward Robinson shall be accorded the title of Arch Lord of Appeal in Ordinary, with all the powers that come with this position, but with no right to exercise any of them without the unanimous decision of the AGM.
    3. The Black Speech and Mushrooms:
      1. Ugluk u bagronk sha pushdug Saruman-glob bubhosh-skai.
      2. Never before has any voice dared to utter words of that tongue in Taruithorn.
      3. And let us hope that none will ever speak it here again.
      4. Well, I couldn't think of any decent mushroom jokes could I?
    4. If ever mention of "Balrogs" or "Moria" is made at a Society meeting, the Society shall, at the discretion of the most senior committee member present, proceed to sing the Moria Song:

      Drum-drum-drumming in the deep,
      the Orcs are getting nearer
      Drum-drum-drumming in the deep,
      The Cave Troll's getting clearer.

    5. The Society shall bow to the will of Morgoth, for it is by his benevolence that the doors of the Bayne Room are open to us.