Banquet Photos - Page 2 - Hilary 2004

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Owen and Peggy
Owen and Peggy in full costume
Top prizes
Owen and Anna show off their new prizes for most unexpected character at the banquet(Smith and Saruman)
Banquet dances
The characters finally get to express their joy at the marriage of Arwen and Aragorn
Banquet dances
As Haradrim and hobbit join hands, the union of Arwen and Aragorn can be seen working its magic
Edward plays the Gondorian soldier in his usual cool manner
Storm in a teacup
Peggy over-reacts and attacks Edward for taking her photo. Poor Owen is about 3 seconds from decapitation
Upper class noble-women
How lucky we were to be in the company of such fine noblewomen
Tora and the beautiful Arwen, also winner of the best costume of the night!
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