Trial Photos - Michaelmas 2004

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Charlotte and Edward
Please feel free to hide behind your seats as the lawyers arrive!
Dr Grossel
Cower before the almighty countenance of Lord Morgoth
Edward and Colin
Edward Robinson SC meets his match?
Dr Grossel (again)
His Lordship spent long periods weighing the heavy matters before Him
Owen, Dr Grossel and Colin
The court looks on as Mr Cotton-Barratt's cunning arguments unfold
Matthew and Rachel
The Bailiff swears in the Elvenking
Matthew and Sophia
Bilbo swears by Lord Morgoth to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!
The Jury
The faces of those in whom the fate of Middle-Earth's heroes lie
Mr Cotton-Barratt VC seems unimpressed with the prosecution's latest argument
FTB (Fluffy Teddy Bear)
With FTB UC on the defence side, how can the prosecution have any chance?
Sam turns on Frodo as the prosecution peers closely at the events of Cirith Ungol
Edward and Maria
Gandalf falters not before the interrogation of Mr Robinson SC
Having failed to acquit Sam, FTB UC looks to see if he can appeal. Prosecution counsel believes that it was Mr Cotton-Barratt VC's error in translating FTB's Old Bearish that led to this result!
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