Taruithorn Termcard, Hilary Term 2002

Venues for meetings:

Christ Church College, Lecture Room 2, unless otherwise advertised

First Week - 18th January - Cinema Trip

A chance to see New Line Cinema's version of Fellowship Of The Ring for anyone who's missed out so far. We'll be meeting in the Eagle & Child pub from about 7:30, and making our way to the Odeon on Magdalen Street for the 8:30 showing. Best let us know in advance so we can get tickets.

Second Week - 25th January - Pub-Crawl

The Fellowship of the Ring Role-Playing PubCrawl.

(A brief introduction for anyone unfamiliar with the concept of a role-playing Pubcrawl:) For the duration of the evening, you are required to take on the role of a character from the story. You have a list of venues (pubs) to be in at specific times, and tasks to accomplish in each one. You can play your part with as much or as little effort as you see fit, but the more enthusiasm, the better.

Third Week - 1st February - Debate

In the style of an Oxford society better known for its debates:

"This society believes that the film does not do justice to the book."

Fourth Week - 8th February - Pancake Party

Well before shrove Tuesday. We'll be meeting in the Angel & Greyhound on St Clements, then heading to someone's kitchen. Bring maple syrup or whatever.

Fifth Week - 15th February - Banquet Preparation

Costume hints, practice some dance steps, and learn your table etiquette.

Fifth Week - Saturday 16 February - The "Loosely Based on The Film" Banquet

Years in the making, it can't be that bad. To be held at the West Oxford Community Centre, Botley Road. 7 for 7:30, and we'll be done by 11.

Sixth Week - 22nd February - Speaker Meeting


Seventh Week - 1st March - Varsity Quiz Preparation

Practice so we can stuff the Tabs. Ahem.

Seventh Week - Saturday 2nd March - The Varsity Quiz

Hosted in Oxford this year. LR2 to be precise. Exact times to follow.

Eighth Week - 8th March - AGM & Party

Exercise your prerogative - decide on the new committee. Not forgetting to eat, drink and be merry.