Taruithorn Termcard, Hilary Term 2007

Venues for meetings:

LR2 - Christ Church Lecture Room 2, right hand door in rear side of front quad, ground floor

Bayne Room - Christ Church Bayne Room, door about one-third along right side of front quad, ground floor

Lee Building - Christ Church Lee Building, reached though arch about two-thirds along right side of front quad

Please note: The majority of events are now taking place on Fridays

1st week - Friday 19th January - Martin Barker

Christ Church LR2 - 8 PM

Prof. Martin Barker talks about his recent study on how the LotR films have been received.

2nd Week - Thursday 25th January - Feet of Clay

Christ Church Lodge, 6:35 PM

Following a tradition of recent years, we go to see Stephen Briggs's adaptation of Terry Pratchett's 'Feet of Clay' at the Unicorn Theatre in Abingdon. Tickets are sold out now, so must have been obtained beforehand.

2nd Week - Friday 26th January - Annual General Meeting

Christ Church TBA

Elect new Committee Members, and try to find the hidden constitutional amendments.

3rd Week - Thursday 1st February - Quiz Preparation

Christ Church LR2 - 8 PM

Come prepare for our annual quiz against Minas Tirith (Cambridge Tolkien Society), either if you're looking to be the next secret weapon on our team, or just to have fun answering silly questions.

3rd Week - Friday 2nd February - Bad Fanfic Writing

Christ Church LR2 - 8 PM

Writing terrible fanfiction in the LotR universe.

4th Week - Friday 9th February - Banquet Preparation

Christ Church Bayne Room - 8PM

Learning (and dancing) the dances, exchanging various bits of costumery before the revelry the day after.

4th Week - Saturday 10th February - Banquet

North Oxford Community Centry - 7PM

The Halls of Mandos.

5th Week - Thursday 15th February - Reduced LotR writing workshop

Christ Church LR2 - 8PM

In the spirit of the Reduced Shakespeare Company, we attempt to compose a reduced version of the Lord of the Rings, to be performed later in the term.

5th Week - Friday 16th February - Hogfather Video

Christ Church Bayne Room - 6PM

We gather to watch the recent TV adaptation of Terry Pratchett's 'The Hogfather', shown on Sky One over Christmas.

6th Week - Friday 23rd February - Pancake Party

Rachel's House (Address will be sent out nearer the time) - 8PM

Erm... in the spirit of Taruithorn, we ignore the actual date of pancake day and try to eat pancakes at some other time.

6th Week - Saturday 24th February - Varsity Quiz

Cambridge - Meet at Bus Stop (Time tbc)

The annual varsity quiz against Minas Tirith, the Cambridge Tolkien Society. They stole victory last year after a long period of our ascendancy, so we go to steal the crown back.

7th Week - Friday 2nd March - Ring of Words

Christ Church LR2 - 8PM

The authors of 'The Ring of Words: Tolkien and the Oxford English Dictionary' come to talk about their work.

8th Week - Friday 9th March - End of Term

Christ Church Bayne Room - 8PM

Performance of the Reduced LotR, and general socialising.