Taruithorn Termcard, Hilary Term 2016

Note that the termcard is somewhat subject to change - sign up to our mailing list to be notified of any changes.

Venues for meetings:

LR2 - Christ Church Lecture Room 2, right hand door in rear (East) side of Tom (front) Quad, ground floor

Bayne Room - Christ Church Bayne Room, door about one-third along right (South) side of Tom (front) Quad, ground floor

Those events marked with ** are open to all comers, except where otherwise noted. If you'd like to continue coming to our events after this, we ask that you join the Society; membership is a very reasonable £8 per year for new members (£13 for existing members) and includes food and drink at many events.

1st Week - Friday 22nd January - Fanworks evening: video tributes

Christ Church - Lecture Room 2 - 8pm

We'll be viewing and discussing some of the internet's finest offerings in the genre of Tolkien video tributes. Do join!

1st Week - Saturday 23rd January - OUSFG crossover event: Fantasy connections

Christ Church - Bayne Room - 8pm

Love Tolkien's world-building, but have run out ​of ​ world? Adore the languages, but are already fluent? Can't get enough dwarf-elf angst? Whatever theme or trope you love about the Professor's works, we'll find a book to suit you. We'll be joining forces with the Oxford University Speculative Fiction Group to create a reading list with a difference, where we brainstorm connections between different works - be they thematic (e.g. spiritual naturalism, modernism), genre (e.g. high, low, modern fantasy), tropes (interspecies romance), or characters (snooty elf kings)!

2nd Week - Thursday 28th January - Pub Moot

Location TBA - 8pm

Have a drink and some possibly-Tolkien-themed chat as we do something not-too-taxing this week!

2nd Week - Friday 29th January - Ashmolean LiveFriday workshop: Heroes and Villains

Ashmolean Museum - 7pm-10:30pm

The Ashmolean Museum's LiveFriday workshops are a series of evening open doors events. On this occasion Taruithorn will be holding an activity stall, among the many other fascinating, fun and frivolous goings-on that will presumably be, um, going on.

3rd Week - Friday 5th February - Filk-writing evening

Christ Church - Bayne Room - 8pm

Do join the Society for an evening of creative hilarity as we warp the words of well- and lesser-known songs to Tolkenian themes. Do have a look at our previous works in the Society Songbook!

4th Week - Friday 12th February - Crafts Evening

Christ Church - Bayne Room - 8pm

Tolkien-themed creativity: arrive for much sticking, cutting, drawing, sewing, and such things, as well as the usual nonsensical conversation and hobbittish provender.

5th Week - Thursday 18th February - The Geek Quiz

St Peter's College - Dorfman Centre - 8pm

In the legendary Geek Quiz, members of Oxford's geekiest societies get together in teams in order to battle it out for the crown of "team who won that term". A really fun evening, and who knows, we might even get an answer right occasionally...

5th Week - Friday 19th February - Pancake party and AGM

Location TBA

Come along to eat plenty of lovely pancakes as well as elect our committee for next year - bring along your favourite topping!

5th Week - Saturday 20th February - The Varsity Quiz

Christ Church - Lecture Room 2 - and lunch beforehand in restaurant TBA

An opportunity to meet and chat with some like-minded people from the Other Place, we receive the Cambridge Tolkien Society for our annual battle of wits. We've, erm, lost the past four matches, so let's turn the tide in favour of the Professor's city once more!

6th Week - Friday 26th February - NO EVENT


We relax at home in anticipation of stuffing ourselves the very next day at Taruithorn's event of the year.

6th Week - Saturday 27th February - Taruithorn Banquet: Rohan

North Oxford Community Centre - 2pm onwards

For one night only, a gate to the kingdom of the Horse-Lords will be opened in northern Oxford; expect food, drink and general merriment on the grassy plains of the Westfold and in the roaring mead-hall of Meduseld. (Places must be booked in advance, sorry.)

7th Week - Thursday 3rd March - Film Evening

Christ Church - Lecture Room 2 - 8pm

We will watch a film. At some point, we will decide what this shall be.

7th Week - Friday 4th March - Speaker Evening

Christ Church - Lecture Room 2 - 8pm

We will be spoken to by a speaker, and eat with said speaker beforehand. Details forthcoming.

8th Week- Friday 11th March - Roverandom

Christ Church - Bayne Room - 8pm

Following the success of Farmer Giles last year, we will be group-reading Roverandom, one of the Professor's lovely minor works.