Taruithorn Termcard, Hilary Term 1994

All meetings on Friday at 8.00pm in the Lady Brodie Room, St. Hilda's College unless otherwise specified.

First Week - Friday 21st January: Speaker Meeting
Christina Scull will speak to the Society and also present one of her legendary slide shows! The title for the evening is "Pictures Of Middle-Earth" & this opportunity to hear Christina, a speaker greatly in demand, should not be missed. We wil be meeting Christina at 6.00pm at 9 York Place (just off St.Clements) to take her out to dinner.All welcome(but bring your chequebook)
Second Week - Friday 28th January: Dramatic Reading
Venue - 9 York Place. Parts are always up for grabs in the Society's ongoing mission to explore new chapters, to seek out new characters and to boldly mime where no-one has dared mime before (although we would quite like to finish the book eventually!) Bring along a text, some cake, some drink (if you must) and join in the mayhem!
Third Week - Friday 4th February: Seminar
Time to put on the thinking cap as members of the Society engage in civilised & scholarly discussion on a topic of great significance, which this term is "Thingol & the Realm of Doriath." Come along with a paper or an opinion, but be ready to defend it!
Third Week - Saturday 5th February : Northfarthing Innmoot
9.00am Gloucester Green Coach Station.Yes, it's time once again to visit our buddies of the Northfarthing smial (and their favourite hostelry!) Bring student ID as we may be able to obtain discounts on coach & tube tickets.
Fourth Week - Friday 11th February : Video Evening
8pm - South JCR, St. Hilda's. After the HUGE success of last year's video evening, and because itUs getting kind of traditional, weUre doing it all again. Suggestions of video titles are invited from all Society members (although Ralph Bakshi or "Akira" will be heavily frowned upon!)
Fifth Week - Friday 18th February : Speaker Meeting - Parte the Seconde
Yet again, for your education & enjoyment, the White Council has procured another highly respected speaker (and no, we don't bribe or threaten them!) Our honoured guest for the evening is Reverend Dr. Sturch, Rector of Islip and long-time Tolkien fan.
Fifth Week - Saturday 19th February : Varsity Quizmoot & Innmoot
Travel details t.b.a. (returning Sunday.) Taruithorn takes to the road again, this time to the "other side" as we challenge the Cambridge Tolkien Society (ably led by our very own Marc Read) to a Clash of the Titans Tolkien Quiz.
Sixth Week - Friday 25th February : Dramatic Reading - Round Two
Venue - 9 York Place. The Finalists want to get their parts over with quickly so we're having an extra evening of taped chaos. Bring usual necessities.We'll probably pop into the Half Moon for last orders as well.
Sixth Week - Saturday 26th February : Rivendell Banquet
7.30pm Drinks in JCR Dining Room, Magdalen College. Meal in Lower Oscar Wilde Room The real highlight of the term for any sane Society member! As always, the Banquet is fancy-dress so you must come along attired as a character that was well-known in Rivendell. For more details write to LOIS EDDY,CHRIST CHURCH Provisional ticket price - £15 Members, £20 Non-members.
Seventh Week - Friday 4th March : Annual General Meeting
More hotly contested than any debate, more deadly serious than any speaker and more mayhem than an Orc in a china shop! For some members (particularly those fleeing responsibility) the highlight of the term as the constitution is dusted off for its once-yearly appearance and budding White Council members hust their hearts out! Nominations deadline - 25th February
Eighth Week - Friday 11th March : Drama Evening
Respectable Oxford Society requires budding writers to produce sketches/poems/monologues etc for an evening of rich mutual entertainment. All eager participants welcomed.