Taruithorn Termcard, Hilary Term 1999

Meetings will be held in the Old Tabs Room, Queen's College or the Danson Room, Trinity College at 8.00pm (unless stated otherwise). Please bring food and drink to appropriate meetings.

First Week - Friday 22nd January - PANCAKE PARTY
Pancakes and Waffles will be produced at Thomas's flat in North Oxford.
Second Week - Friday 29th January - READING EVENING
Bring along a fantasy book to read an excerpt from. Queen's College.
Third Week - Friday 5th February - DEBATE
We will be debating whether Tom Bombadil is worth it. Queen's College.
Fourth Week - Friday 12th February - ICE SKATING
In memory of the Great Winter.
Fourth Week - Saturday/Sunday 13th,14th February - VARSITY QUIZ
This year we will be returning the Minas Tirith visit and going to Cambridge for the quiz. Your chance to escape Oxford for a day or two.
Fifth Week - Friday 19th February - MYSTERY SPEAKER
The speaker hasn't been confirmed yet. Probably in Trinity College.
Sixth Week - Friday 26th February - PUB
Nothing too strenuous the day before...
Sixth Week - Saturday 27th February - BANQUET UNDER THE MOUNTAIN
The Annual Taruithorn banquet. With an Ereborian theme this year. Come as anyone who might (plausibly if possible) have visited the Lonely Mountain. St. Margaret's Institute.
Seventh Week - Friday 5th March - DRAMA EVENING
We will try and dramatically read one of the shorter works, or excerpts from longer ones. Probably Trinity College.
Eighth Week - Friday 12th March - ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
The annual business meeting where the new committee is elected etc. Followed by a Party. Probably Trinity College.