Taruithorn Termcard, Michaelmas Term 2007

Venues for meetings:

LR2 - Christ Church Lecture Room 2, right hand door in rear side of front quad, ground floor

Bayne Room - Christ Church Bayne Room, door about one-third along right side of front quad, ground floor

Lee Building - Christ Church Lee Building, reached though arch about two-thirds along right side of front quad

Masters Garden - Christ Church, from the southeast (back right) corner of the front quad, go a bit more southeast through the cloisters, then follow the path that leads east to the big garden with the croquet lawn.

1st Week - Friday 12th October - Freshers' Drinks

8PM, Christ Church Bayne Room

Come and meet our members and join us for themed party games. We.ll also be giving a 20-minute performance of our own work, The Reduced Lord of the Rings.

2nd Week - Friday 19th October - Dramatic Readings

8PM, Christ Church Lecture Room 2

Our own versions of some favourite Tolkien scenes, rehearsed and read aloud on the night. All are invited to participate!

2nd Week - Saturday 20th October - Treasure Hunt

1PM, meet at Christ Church entrance

Pit your wits in teams against clues and riddles that will lead you around Oxford. Will you be the first to the treasure?

3rd Week - Sunday 21st October - Minibus Trip

Meet 9.30AM, Place TBC

A journey into the mythological and prehistoric landscape in the vicinity of Oxford, including Uffington White Horse and the prehistoric burial chamber of Wayland's Smithy in the morning, a pub lunch, and Avebury village and stone circle, Silbury Hill, the Sanctuary and West Kennet Long Barrow in the afternoon. Please contact us beforehand if you want to join the trip. There will be a charge of £9 to cover minibus hire. A majority of seats will be reserved for new members.

3rd Week - Thursday 25th October - Pratchett Discussion

8PM, Christ Church Lecture Room 2

What do you think of Terry Pratchett's new book, Making Money? Come along and discuss with other fans.

3rd Week - Friday 26th October - Debate: Beyond The Lord of the Rings?

8PM, Christ Church Lecture Room 2

Does delving into the posthumously published works add to or detract from the Tolkien experience?

4th Week - Friday 2nd November - Trial of Saruman

8PM, Christ Church Lecture Room 2

Should Saruman be found guilty of illegal genetic engineering or unlicensed use of patents (imitation rings)? Join us as witnesses and jury in this mock trial.

4th Week - Saturday 3rd November - Gandalf.s Fireworks

6PM, meet at Magdalen Bridge

A bonfire and fireworks party with a Tolkienian twist. Food is provided. To cover costs there is a charge of £2 for this event.

5th Week - Thurdsay 8th November - Art Discussion

8PM, Christ Church Lecture Room 2

What works well for illustrations of Tolkien's works? Discussion led by society member and Tolkien artist Tora Hallatt.

5th Week - Friday 9th November - Whose Ring is it Anyway?

8PM, Christ Church Lecture Room 2

Frantic improvisation is the name of the day, with some, little or no relation to Tolkien according to taste.

6th Week - Thursday 15th November - Dance Workshop

8PM, Christ Church Lecture Room 2

Try some traditional folk dances, in anticipation of next term's banquet.

6th Week - Friday 16th November 8PM - Creative Writing

Christ Church Lecture Room 2

Some fun writing exercises led by one of our members who is a published author. Can we go from limbering-up exercises to competing with Tolkien? You never know.

7th Week - Friday 23rd November - Mathom Party

8PM, Christ Church Bayne Room

...for anything that Hobbits had no immediate use for, but were unwilling to throw away, they called a mathom...

A party with a twist. Bring along your least wanted possession. You will leave with someone else.s. It can get competitive!

8th Week - Thursday 29th November - Speaker Meeting

8PM, Christ Church Lecture Room 2

Nissi and Neri: On Elven Gender Roles.

Jenni Bergman from Cardiff University will be speaking, and there will be an opportunity to dine with her before the meeting.

8th Week - Friday 30th November - How to Write Bad Fanfiction

8PM, Christ Church Lecture Room 2

There's good, there's bad, and there's so bad it's brilliant! Come along to hear some famous examples, and see if we can outdo them.