Taruithorn Termcard, Michaelmas Term 2010

Venues for meetings:

LR2 - Christ Church Lecture Room 2, right hand door in rear side of front quad, ground floor

Bayne Room - Christ Church Bayne Room, door about one-third along right side of front quad, ground floor

Lee Building - Christ Church Lee Building, reached though arch about two-thirds along right side of front quad

Those events marked with ** are open to all comers, except where otherwise noted. If you'd like to continue coming to our events after this, we ask that you join the society; membership is a very reasonable £8 per year for new members (£13 for existing members) and includes food and drink at many events.

** 1st week - Friday 15th October - Freshers' Moot **

Christ Church Bayne Room - 8 PM

Fun and frivolity as we begin the first meeting of term. Food, drink, games, and an opportunity to meet and chat to members old and new.

** 2nd Week - Sunday 18th October - Tolkien's Oxford **

Details TBA

Get your bearings and enjoy a relaxed guided tour full of triviata about the Professor's city. Around two hours, after which we will retire to a room or pub. Final details dependent on weather. Confirmation will be via email.

** 2nd Week - Friday 22nd October - Dramatic Readings **

Christ Church LR2 - 8pm

Appealing to the thespian in each of us, we practice and perform various scenes, in a suitable ir/reverent fashion. Participation is non-compulsory, but encouraged (and fun!).

** 3rd Week - Thursday 28th October - Poetry Evening **

Christ Church Bayne Room - 8 PM

"It ain't what I call proper poetry, if you understand me: just a bit of nonsense."

Nonsense or sense, bring your favourite bit of poetry along (Tolkienian or otherwise), and enjoy an evening of delight in the spoken word.

** 3rd Week - Friday 29th October - Whose Ring Is It Anyway? **

Christ Church LR2 - 8 PM

Frantic improvisation is the name of the day, with some, little or no relation to Tolkien according to taste.

** 4th Week - Friday 5th November - The Trial of Sauron **

Christ Church LR2- 8pm

Environmental destruction, invasion of privacy, violation of workplace law: Sauron has previously been acquitted of more serious crimes, but can our counsel make new charges stick? Join us as witnesses and jury in this mock trial.

4th Week - Saturday 6th November - Gandalf's Fireworks

Magdalen Bridge - 6pm

Celebrate the season of frosty nights and clear night skies with a fireworks party fit to rival those of Gandalf himself! Hot baked potatoes, mulled wine, and an assortment of cakes to ward off the winter chills. There is a supplementary charge of £2 to help cover costs.

5th Week - Thursday 11th November - Geek Quiz

St John's North Quad Lecture Room - 8pm prompt

Not a Taruith event, but join in with members of the Doctor Who society, Anime society and OUSFG for a night of trivia on all things geeky.

5th Week - Friday 12th November - Film Viewing: Born Of Hope

Christ Church Bayne Room - 8pm prompt

A fan-made film of Middle Earth, which explores the story of Aragorn's father. Come and enjoy in the comfort of the Bayne Room.

6th Week - Friday 19th November - Banquet Planning

Christ Church LR2 - 8pm

Come and give and discuss ideas on how to decorate for, and what to serve at, this year's annual Society Banquet!

7th Week - Friday 26th November - Mathom Party

Christ Church Bayne Room - 8pm

"...for anything that Hobbits had no immediate use for, but were unwilling to throw away, they called a mathom..."

A party with a twist. Bring along your least wanted possession. You will leave with someone else's. It can get competitive!

8th Week - Friday 3rd December - Games Evening

Christ Church Bayne Room - 8pm

A chance to relax at the end of term over board games and other diversions. Feel free to bring your own favourites along, and take the time to bid friends au revoir before the vacation.