Taruithorn Termcard, Michaelmas Term 2014

Note that the termcard is somewhat subject to change - sign up to our mailing list to be notified of any changes.

Venues for meetings:

LR2 - Christ Church Lecture Room 2, right hand door in rear (East) side of Tom (front) Quad, ground floor

Bayne Room - Christ Church Bayne Room, door about one-third along right (South) side of Tom (front) Quad, ground floor

1st week - Friday 17th October - Freshers' Moot

Christ Church - Bayne Room - 8pm

Fun and frivolity as we begin the first meeting of term. Food, drink, games, crafts, and an opportunity to meet and chat to members old and new..

2nd week - Sunday 19th October - Tolkien's Oxford Tour

Christ Church - Front Entrance - 2pm

Get your bearings and enjoy a relaxed guided tour, full of triviata about the Professor's city. Around two hours, after which we will retire to a room or pub. Final details dependent on weather - confirmation will be via email..

2nd week - Thursday 23rd October - Dramatic Readings

Christ Church - Bayne Room - 8pm

Join us to read out passages from our favourite Tolkien or related work. Appealing to the thespian in each of us, we practice and perform various scenes in a suitably ir/reverent fashion. Bring along your favourite and pick a passage!

2nd week - Friday 24th October - Whose Ring is it Anyway?

Christ Church - Lecture Room 2 - 8pm

Frantic improvisation is the name of the day, with some, little or no relation to Tolkien according to taste. Bring props!

3rd week - Friday 31st October - Debate: Elves vs. Dwarves: which is the most awesome?

Christ Church - Lecture Room 2 - 8pm

Join us for one of our infamous debates, in which we finally settle the oldest question in Arda: which one of the “little beardy stooges” / “skinny stuck-ups” [delete as appropriate] started the whole mess?

4th week - Friday 7th November - Middle-Earth Whodunit: The Scouring of the Shire

Christ Church - Lecture Room 2 - 8pm

Our jury grills a series of culprits to determine who was ultimately responsible for an event. This year, we finger the guilty party behind the Scouring of the Shire! Come forth, thespians, for the roles of Saruman, Will Whitefoot, Gandalf, and others are open to all comers! Just-watchers welcome too, of course. This is the last meeting that you can attend without joining the Society, so see the Treasurer to join up!

4th week - Saturday 8th November - Gandalf's Fireworks

Meet at Magdalen Bridge - 6pm

Celebrate the season of frosty nights and clear night skies with a fireworks party fit to rival those of Gandalf himself! Hot baked potatoes, mulled wine, and an assortment of cakes to ward off the winter chills. (There is a £2 charge to cover cost of food.)

5th week - Friday 14th November - Speaker Meeting

Christ Church - Lecture Room 2 - 8pm

Each term Taruithorn invites a speaker from within the Oxford bubble or the real world to speak on a subject relating to the Professor’s works. Speaker TBA. Previous speakers include John Garth, Mark Atherton, and Stuart Lee.

6th week - Friday 21st November - Miruvor discussion evening

Christ Church - Bayne Room - 8pm

Our Society magazine, Miruvor, shall be producing a special commemmorative issue for the Society's 25th anniversary this year. We'll discuss article ideas over a friendly beverage. Aspiring writers, artists and other inveterate scribblers take note – work published in Miruvor is added to the Bodleian’s collection of Printed Ephemera, thus achieving immortality!

6th week - Saturday 22nd November - LoTR Film Marathon

Location TBA - 11am

We'll be watching the entirety of Peter Jackson's epic The Lord of the Rings trilogy in one day, hopefully with plenty of nourishing provender and mild-mannered heckling.

7th week - Thursday 27th November - Discussion: predictions for upcoming film (pub meeting).

Pub TBA - 8pm

In honour of the upcoming Hobbit film, Taruithorn turns to drink, for a discussion of the last two films’ highs and lows, as well as our thoughts and predictions for the upcoming film. All viewpoints welcome!.

7th week - Friday 28th November - Member Presentation: Tolkien's Beowulf and Old English

Christ Church - Lecture Room 2 - 8pm

Our very own Eleanor Simmons attempts to increase our knowledge in the area of Tolkien's work on Old English, including his recently-released translation of Beowulf.

8th week - Friday 5th December - Games Night

Christ Church - Bayne Room - 8pm

A chance to relax at the end of term over board games and other diversions. Feel free to bring your own favourites along!