Taruithorn Termcard, Michaelmas Term 1997

Meetings will be held in The Lady Brodie Room, St Hilda's College at 8 pm unless stated otherwise. Please bring food and drink to appropriate meetings.

First Week - Friday 17th October - FRESHERS' MEETING
To welcome the new Freshers to the society.
Second Week - Friday 24th October - ARTIST AND ILLUSTRATOR TALK
The authors of J.R.R. Tolkien, Artist and Illustrator will be giving a talk and slide show about their book. Highly Recommended.
Third Week - Friday 31st October - SEMINAR : NUMENOR
We will be having a seminar to discuss the rise and fall of Numenor: 'Numenor, its place in Arda'.
Fourth Week - Friday 7th November - GANDALF'S FIREWORKS
Our annual fireworks display and bonfire party, weather permitting.
Fifth Week - Friday 14th November - BEER AND BEOWULF
A meeting based on the non-Middle-earth works, and interests of Professor Tolkien. Mead hall? What Mead hall?
Sixth Week - Friday 21st November - SPEAKER MEETING
Mr Marc Read, former President of the Society, will give a talk.
Seventh Week - Friday 28th November - VIDEO EVENING
Relax and watch a video that might be vaguely related to Tolkien, possibly, if you stretch your imagination. People turning up get to choose from the videos that have been brought along.
Eighth Week - Friday 5th December - BRING A MATHOM PARTY
End the term in style at the annual Bring a Mathom Party. A Mathom is an object that you have no use for, but don't want to throw away. It is suggested that you bring a bottle as well, and possibly some food.