Taruithorn Termcard, Michaelmas Term 1999

Meetings will be held in Lecture Room 2, Christ Church at 8 pm unless stated otherwise. Please bring food and drink to appropriate meetings.

First Week - Friday 15th October - FRESHERS' MEETING
A meeting to welcome newcomers to the Society.
Second Week - Friday 22rd October - TOLKIEN IN OXFORD
Ian Collier will give a talk about Tolkien's life in Oxford, with slides. The talk was first given to the Oxford Guild of Guides (Tour Guides).
Third Week - Friday 29th October - ALLAN TURNER
"Is The Hobbit a children's book?" A talk by an English lecturer, and Tolkien fan.
Fourth Week - Friday 5th November - GANDALF'S FIRWORKS
The annual fireworks display. More details will be supplied later.
Fifth Week - Friday 12th November - ????
Sixth Week - Friday 19th November - PUB MOOT
Follow in the footsteps of The Inklings (Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and friends).
Seventh Week - Friday 27th November - VIDEO EVENING
We will try to show a Peter Jackson movie, since he is making films of LotR. Probably Heavenly Creatures in the Christ Church SCR Smoking Room.
Eigth Week - Friday 4th December - BRING A MATHOM PARTY
The annual Bring a Mathom Party comes around again to finish off the term.