Taruithorn Termcard, Trinity Term 2004

Venues for meetings:

Christ Church College, Lecture Room 2, 8pm, unless otherwise advertised

Please note: The majority of events are now taking place on Fridays

1st week - Friday 30th April - The Through-Till-May-Morning Party!

Christ Church Bayne Room - 8pm

Meet at our usual time in Christ Church: around midnight we will carry the food, drink, and whatever games we are playing to a nearby hobbit hole. We will emerge at dawn to witness May Morning being sung in at Magdalen (you have to see this at least once during your time in Oxford). We may also fit in our traditional May Morning Port Meadow walk.

2nd Week - Thursday 6th May - Members' Talks

Christ Church LR2 - 8pm

Some of our members have just as much knowledge of Tolkien as some of our guest lecturers, and many have amusing tales to spin. We will aim to fit in several brief talks each of up to 20 minutes or so, plus questions and discussion. If there is a subject you would like to give a talk on, contact a committee member in advance.

2nd Week - Friday 7th May - Punting Practice

6 PM Cherwell Boat House

We had a most enjoyable punting expedition in 0th week, but with 13 people crammed into 2 punts it was the experienced punters who got most of the exercise. This time we will be booking several punts so that everyone (who wants to!) has an opportunity to have a go. But you're welcome to come along just for the ride....

3rd Week - Thursday 13th May - Pratchett Pictionary

Christ Church LR2 - 8pm

Come test your knowledge of Discworld, and your ingenuity, playing a new version of the game we have already developed into a high art with respect to Middle Earth. Some of us might even try to introduce the game to the Discworld Convention in August!

3rd Week - Saturday 15 May/Sunday 16 May - Trip To Sarehole Mill

Location to be confirmed nearer the time

The national Tolkien Society's big annual fair, with open-air dramatics, guided walks round the landscape (and bog-scape) where the young Tolkien got his ideas for characters like Farmer Maggot, a working mill, and much more. We will meet at Oxford Railway Station at around 9 am on either or both days: look out for announcements.

4th Week - Thursday 20 May - Beating the Bounds

Location to be confirmed

Come and witness a truly amazing Oxford tradition. Meeting time and place to be confirmed.

4th Week - Friday 21st May - Dramatic reading/recording

8 PM Christ Church Bayne Room/Fellows' Garden

We will read and act some striking scenes from Tolkien's work, outdoors if possible, and video the result. All welcome to participate!

5th Week - Sunday 23rd May - Sutton Hoo minibus trip

Meeting time and place to be confirmed

The annual Tolkien Society minibus trip with an archaeological and Arthurian flavour. Come and explore some delights of the ancient English countryside.

5th Week - Thursday 27th May - Golfimbol

7 PM Angel and Greyhound Meadow (entrance behind the car park behind the pub of the same name in St Clements)

Golfimbol is a unique and indescribable, but very enjoyable, outdoor game inspired by Tolkien.

6th Week - Friday 4th June - Writing Workshop with dramatisation

8 PM Christ Church Lecture Room 2

Can you write dialogue as good as Tolkien's? Even if not, we will act out some or all of the best results from a fannish writers' workshop. Come and develop your creative writing talent.

6th Week - Saturday 5th June - Walk to Wolvercote and Port Meadow

Meeting time and place to be confirmed

Join us on a walk through some of the beautiful and hidden areas of Oxford. We will probably be stopping off at the Trout and/or Perch for a meal.

7th Week - Thursday 10th June - Star Trek videos

8 PM Christ Church Bayne Room

Some of the classic Star Trek The Next Generation episodes and/or one of the films.

7th Week - Friday 11th June - Strawberry Party

7 PM Christ Church Fellows' Garden

Our annual garden party with strawberries, Pimms and croquet.

8th Week - Thursday 17th June - Laserquest

Meeting time to be confirmed

If you can play a Tolkieny version of Risk, then why not of Laserquest? Decide whose side you want to be on....

8th Week - Friday 18th June - Drogo Memorial Punt Party

6 PM Cherwell Boathouse

We will set out on a punting expedition which, hobbit-style, will involve plenty of food and drink, but also an ambitious Quest.