Taruithorn Termcard, Trinity Term 2006

Venues for meetings:

LR2 - Christ Church Lecture Room 2, right hand door in rear side of front quad, ground floor

Bayne Room - Christ Church Bayne Room, door about one-third along right side of front quad, ground floor

Lee Building - Christ Church Lee Building, reached though arch about two-thirds along right side of front quad

Please note: The majority of events are now taking place on Fridays

1st week - Friday 28th April - Storytelling and Party Games

Christ Church LR2 - 8 PM

Much assorted silliness to provide a pleasant start to the term - bring along your favourite stories, and hope you don't get recruited into a game of 'Eye of Argon'

2nd Week - Sunday 30th April - May Morning

Hertford Graduate Centre - 11 PM

May morning in the Hertford annex - playing games, composing plays, and watching DVDs. At dawn we will proceed to a good location for hearing the dawn chorus from Magdalen tower, followed by breakfast at Owen's.

2nd Week - Friday 5th May - Pratchett Quiz

Christ Church LR2 - 8 PM

Lighthearted fun - bring your own questions

3rd Week - Thursday 11th May - Video Showing

Christ Church LR2 - 8 PM

Clue, or some other such film

3rd Week - Friday 12th May - Golfimbul

Angel and Greyhound Meadow, time TBA

In remembrance of Bullroarer Took's victory over the goblins and invention of the game of Golf, we go out to a meadow and bat a goblin head around with sticks. Join us (you know you want to)!

3rd Week - Saturday 13th May - Cambridge Excursion

Cambridge Meeting at the Bus Station - 0800

All are welcome to attend, whether you are an expert at croquet, have never played before, or just want to watch, as there will be opportunities for a knock around as well as the odd serious match or two!! This will be a great opportunity to get to know the Cambridge Society, get a look around the city and hopefully reclaim some of the glory that we lost after our quiz defeat.

4th Week - Thursday 18th May - Banquet meeting/ holiday meeting

Jesus JCR - 8 PM

Society wide discussion of banquet issues, and the potential holidays to Switzerland/ on a narrow boat

4th Week - Friday 19th May - Dramatic Reading

Christ Church Bayne Room/a garden - 8 PM

Come and read/act out Smith of Wooton Major, or bring along your own favourite exerpts.

4th Week - Saturday 20th May - Punt Practice

The River! - exact time and location to be established

Practice your punting, piracy, and paddling (hopefully not) in preparation for the Punt Party

5th Week - Thursday 25th May - Pratchett Video Night

Holywell Manor TV Room, 8 PM

Watching one of the adaptations of Pratchett's books to screen

5th Week - Friday 26th May - Drawing Masterclass

Christ Church LR2 - 8 PM

One of our members will be teaching us how to draw things. Such as dragons.

6th Week - Friday 2nd June - Strawberry Party

Christ Church, a garden

Croquet, strawberries, and last year there was a cat! What more could you want (we can't punt in the Christ Church gardens)?

7th Week - Friday 9th June - Port Meadow Walk

Time and place TBA

Brave the coo beasties as we wander up through port meadow in the evening light, possibly stopping at the Perch or Trout for refreshments.

8th Week - Friday 16th June - Drogo Memorial Punt Party!

Time and Place TBA

The crowning event of the Trinity Calendar, the Drogo memorial punt party is held on punts. Cloaks, food, drink, piracy, bridge hopping, or just leisurely drifting down the river.