Taruithorn Termcard, Trinity Term 2008

Venues for meetings:

LR2 - Christ Church Lecture Room 2, right hand door in rear side of front quad, ground floor

Bayne Room - Christ Church Bayne Room, door about one-third along right side of front quad, ground floor

Lee Building - Christ Church Lee Building, reached though arch about two-thirds along right side of front quad

Please note: The majority of events are now taking place on Fridays

1st week - Friday 25th April - Tolkienian Games with the Exeter Tolkien Society

Christ Church Bayne Room - 8 PM

Tolkien related games for a pleasant start to the term, plus a chance to meet some travellers from far afield! Come listen to their tales and share laughter and merriment.

1st Week - Saturday 26th April - Walking Tour and Punt Practice

Location TBA - Late morning

Accompanied by the Exeter Tolkien Society we shall undertake a tour of Tolkien's Oxford, followed by a pub lunch, and then a merry time boating on the Cherwell!

2nd Week - Wednesday/Thursday 30th April to the 1st May - May Morning

Location and Time TBA

Greet the dawn and the coming of May with bright eyes and a bushy tail as we listen to the choristers who shall sing from the top of Magdalen Tower

2nd Week - Friday 2nd May - Pratchett Debate

Christ Church LR2 - 8pm

Has Pratchett become too politicized? There have been mutterings that some of his reason books are too moralistic. Come along and put forward your views, however strong!

3rd Week - Friday 9th May - Golfimbul

Angel and Greyhound Meadow - 7pm

In remembrance of Bullroarer Took's victory over the goblins and invention of the game of Golf, we go out to a meadow and bat a goblin head around with sticks. Join us (you know you want to)!

4th Week - Friday 16th May - Dramatic Readings

Christ Church Bayne Room and Garden - 8 PM

For those with a flair for the dramatic, or those who want a quiet read through of Tolkienian tales in one of the most beautiful gardens in Oxford.

5th Week - Friday 23rd May - Wide Games

Location and Time TBA

Come and play games with us in the wide open spaces of Oxford and escape from the library for a few hours!

6th Week - Friday 30th May - Filking

Christ Church LR2 - 8pm

Once upon a time songs were sacred and untouchable. Join us as we butcher our way through classics both recent and modern in an attempt to be funny.

6th Week - Saturday 31st May - Strawberry Party

A Christ Church Garden - Time TBA

Croquet, strawberries, sunshine, and several years ago there was a cat! What more could you want?

7th Week - Friday 6th June - Storytelling

Christ Church Bayne Room - 8pm

In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a hobbit-hole, and that means comfort.

8th Week - Sunday 8th June - Port Meadow Walk

Location and Time TBA

Brave the coo beasties as we wander up through port meadow in the evening light, possibly stopping at the Perch or Trout for refreshments.

8th Week - Friday 13th June - Drogo Memorial Punt Party

Location and Time TBA

Commemorate Drogo by being drownded as we go punting on this most inauspicious of dates.