Taruithorn Termcard, Trinity Term 2015

Note that the termcard is somewhat subject to change - sign up to our mailing list to be notified of any changes.

Venues for meetings:

LR2 - Christ Church Lecture Room 2, right hand door in rear (East) side of Tom (front) Quad, ground floor

Bayne Room - Christ Church Bayne Room, door about one-third along right (South) side of Tom (front) Quad, ground floor

1st week - Friday 1st May - Lembas cooking

19 St John's Street - 8pm

We'll be descending on Joe's kitchen to try our best at making some Lembas! Bring ingredients and recipe ideas for making the famed Elvish waybread - cake, bread, biscuit, shortbread? Or just come along to taste and judge!.

2nd week - Thursday 7th May - Pubmoot

Presumably a pub, TBA - 8pm

Have a drink and some possibly-Tolkien-themed chat as we do something not-too-taxing before the Anniversary on Saturday.

2nd week - Saturday 9th May - 25th Anniversary Party

Christ Church Master's Garden, then Lee Building - 3pm

Sure to be the event of the decade, we celebrate the Society's 25th Anniversary with a large party. We'll start off in the gardens of Christ Church before moving inside to the Lee Building for banqueting. The theme is, of course, "A Long-Expected Party". See here for details. Bookings close at midnight on Saturday 26th April (0th week)!

3rd week - Friday 15th May - Wide Games

Meet at the corner of St. Cross Road & Manor Road - 7PM

Weather permitting, a chance to have some fun in the great outdoors, likely with many Glow-Sticks. Some running around for those who want, lazing and chatting for those who don't. Backup event in Lecture Room 2 in case of bad weather.

4th Week - Friday 22nd May - Film dubbing

Christ Church - Bayne Room - 8pm

After the success of the event last term, we'll be attempting to cause even more hilarity by dubbing over sections of the LotR and Hobbit films with our own alternative voiceover... bring a selection of funny voices!

5th week - Thursday 28th May - The Geek Quiz

Magdalen - Daubeny Lecture Theatre - 8pm

In the legendary Geek Quiz, members of Oxford's geekiest societies get together in teams in order to battle it out for the crown of "team who won that term". A really fun evening, and who knows, we might even get an answer right occasionally... hopefully we can improve on our sixth-out-of-seven position last term

5th Week - Friday 29th May - Readings in the Gardens

Christ Church - Master's Garden - 8pm

An evening of readings (dramatic or otherwise) in Christ Church gardens.

5th Week - Saturday 30th April - Punt practice

Location TBA - 2pm

An afternoon of punting in preparation for the punt party later in term. Please could everybody with the ability to book college punts please do so - the more punts, the merrier!

6th Week - Thursday 4th June - Smith of Wootton Major

Christ Church - Bayne Room - 8pm

We'll be group-reading through Tolkien's often forgotten Smith of Wootton Major, after how much we enjoyed reading Farmer Giles of Ham last term.

6th Week - Friday 5th June - Golfimbul

Location TBA - 7pm

Barbecue in the park. £2 charge to cover cost of food. Those attending need to alert the organisers in advance.

7th Week - Friday 12th June - Tolkien adaptations evening

Christ Church - Bayne Room - 8pm

We'll be spending this evening considering and discussing various adaptations of Tolkien - whether it's the various films, the radio series, fanfiction, artwork, or something else entirely. Bring something along if you'd like it to be seen/read/used/discussed!

8th Week - Friday 19th June - Drogo Memorial Punt Party

Location TBA - 6pm

A party. On punts! In memory of Frodo's beloved parents Drogo and Primnula Baggins, who drowned in the Brandywine River in SR 1380. Please could everybody with the ability to book college punts please do so - the more punts, the merrier!.