Taruithorn Termcard, Trinity Term 2017

Note that the termcard is somewhat subject to change - sign up to our mailing list to be notified of any changes.

Venues for meetings:

LR2 - Christ Church Lecture Room 2, right hand door in rear (East) side of Tom (front) Quad, ground floor

Bayne Room - Christ Church Bayne Room, door about one-third along right (South) side of Tom (front) Quad, ground floor

Those events marked with ** are open to all comers, except where otherwise noted. If you'd like to continue coming to our events after this, we ask that you join the Society; membership is a very reasonable £8 per year for new members (£13 for existing members) and includes food and drink at many events.

1st week – Thursday 27th April – Pub Moot

Sunday 7th Thrimidge SR8079 / Valanya 11th Lótessë VIII25

St. Aldates – Head of the River pub – 8pm

“Oh you can search far and wide / you can drink the whole town dry!”

The Head of the River Pub has recently renovated, so we’ll be expeditioning down there to enjoy a (hopefully clement!) April evening by the river. Note: The Pembroke Fantasy Literature talk is scheduled to end at ~8pm, so a contingent will likely arrive at the pub shortly thereafter.

1st week – Friday 28th April – Writing Workshop

Monday 8th Thrimidge SR8079 / Elenya 12th Lótessë VIII25

Christ Church – Bayne Room – 8pm

Our two shiny new Miruvor editors are going to be running a writing workshop for all you creative sorts out there, with an eye to getting some submissions ready for a Michaelmas edition of the Society magazine.

2nd week – Friday 5th May – Fan films evening

Monday 15th Thrimidge SR8079 / Elenya 19th Lótessë VIII25

Christ Church – LR2 – 8pm

To be decided by the usual doodle poll, we’re going to be watching one of the (short!) fan-made Tolkien films, either The Hunt for Gollum or Born of Hope. To be followed by the usual discussion and conviviality, food and drink, etcetera.

2nd week – Saturday 6th May – Excursion to the Vale of the White Horse

Trewsday 16th Thrimidge SR8079 / Anarya 13th Lótessë VIII25

Meet at Gloucester Green bus station – time TBA

Our semi-annual summer day trip! The plan is to catch a bus to Uffington, there to go on extended hike up to and around the famous White Horse. Details pending, but expect to be out all day. Bring water, cash, walking shoes, etcetera.

3rd week – Friday 12th May – Film Dubbing

Monday 22nd Thrimidge SR8079 / Elenya 26th Lótessë VIII25

Christ Church – LR2 – 8pm

After last term’s ignominious and unexpected cancellation, we hope to actually make this bit of ridiculousness stick this term. In short, we cause as much hilarity as possible by dubbing over sections of the LotR and Hobbit films with our own alternative voiceover... bring a selection of funny voices!

3rd week – Saturday 13th May – Port Meadow Walk & visit to the Professor’s Grave

Trewsday 23rd Thrimidge SR8079 / Anarya 27th Lótessë VIII25

Meet on St. Giles – Martyr’s Memorial – 1pm

Attempting to improve on last year’s soggy attempt, we’ll be tramping up to Wolvercote cemetery via Port Meadow, stopping off at pubs as necessary for replenishment, with the intention of visiting the Professor’s grave. Return journey will be via bus for those of less-than-rangerish constitution.

4th week – Thursday 18th May– Pub Moots

Sunday 28th Thrimidge SR8079 / Valanya 2nd Nárië VIII25

Location TBA – 8pm

Two pub moots in one term? Madness! Delicious, boozy madness. (Or delicious, non-alcoholic-drink-of-your-choice madness, if you prefer)

4th week – Friday 19th May – Wide Games

Monday 29th Thrimidge SR8079 / Elenya 3rd Nárië VIII25

Location TBA – 7pm

Weather permitting, a chance to have some fun in the great outdoors, likely with many glowsticks. Some running around for those who want, lazing and chatting for those who don't. Note: there will be a backup event in LR2 in case of bad weather.

5th week – Thursday 25th May – The Geek Quiz

Sunday 5th Forelithe SR8079 / Valanya 9th Nárië VIII25

Worcester College – Nazrin Shah Auditorium – 8pm

In the legendary Geek Quiz, members of Oxford's geekiest societies get together in teams in order to battle it out for the crown of "team who won that term". A really fun evening, and who knows, we might even get an answer right occasionally! Taruithorn contingent will be meeting outside Worcester at 7:55pm.

5th week – Friday 26th May – Golfimbul

Monday 14th Forelithe SR8079 / Elenya 17th Nárië VIII24

Abingdon Road – Hinksey Park – 6pm

A barbecue in the park, with silly games! Note: to cover food costs, the barbecue is £2 members, £4 non-members, and we’ll need to be notified of attendance in advance, so we can plan food quantities.

6th week – Friday 2nd June – Readings in the Gardens

Monday 13th Forelithe SR8079 / Elenya 17th Nárië VIII25

Christ Church – Master’s Gardens – 6pm

An evening of readings (dramatic or otherwise) in Christ Church gardens. Bring books, and speaking voices silly or serious!

6th week – Saturday 3rd June – Punt Practice session and the Strawberry Party!

Trewsday 14th Forelithe SR8079 / Anarya 18th Nárië VIII25

Punting meeting location TBA – 12pm

Strawberry Party Christ Church – Master’s Gardens – 4pm

For the first second time ever, we combine two of our favourite Trinity events into one! Join us for our practice-session for the punting party (12pm), after which we will retire to ChCh Master’s Garden for our annual picnic (4pm). Note: to cover food costs, strawberry party is £2 members, £4 non-members.

7th week – Friday 9th June – Discussion: How to make a good adaptation?

Monday 20th Forelithe SR8079 / Elenya 24th Nárië VIII25

Christ Church – LR2 – 8pm

One of our informal and rambling discussions. Subject: what adaptations of the Professor’s work are most true to the spirit of the canon? And what does that even mean? Your team challenge (should you choose to accept it) will be to pitch an idea for an adaptation, be it movie, Netflix teledrama, video game, tabletop, comic series, whatever. Winners will be showered with cake and praise.

7th week – Saturday 10th June – Primula & Drogo Baggins Memorial Punting Party

Trewsday 21st Forelithe SR8079 / Anarya 25th Nárië VIII25

Location TBA – 6pm

A party! With Pimms! On punts! What larks! In solemn memory of Frodo's beloved parents Drogo and Primula Baggins, who drowned in the Brandywine in SR 1380. Note: if you can book a punt, please let us know, so we can coordinate bookings - the more punts, the merrier!

8th week – Friday 16th June – Board Games

Monday 27th Forelithe SR8079 / Elenya 1st Cermië VIII25

Christ Church – Bayne Room – 8pm

The traditional Taruithorn end-of-term board games session. Either a chance to relax and kick back with friends, or a bloodthirsty and ruthless struggle for victory, depending on who you ask. Bring your own favourite games along!