Taruithorn Termcard, Trinity Term 1994

Meetings will be held in the Lady Brodie Room, St. Hilda's College at 8 pm unless stated otherwise.

First Week - Friday 29th April - SPEAKER MEETING
Mr Lester Simons gives us a talk, originally presented at the Tolkien Centenary Conference, on the subject of "Writing and Printing in Middle-earth".
Second Week - Friday 6th May - DRAMATIC READING
Venue: 9 York Place. Celebrate Mark's birthday, and support Frodo as he hastens back to the Shire in time for his finals. Bring lots of food and drink, and a book (preferably `The Lord of the Rings').
Second Week - Saturday 7th May - PUNTMOOT
Meet at 1.15pm at Somerville Lodge for the first of this term's exciting outings on the wet stuff. Bring food and drink for a picnic. Returning 6 pm, or thereabouts.
Third Week - Friday 13th May - DEBATE
Budding politicians, forsake the Union and make your way to the Lady Brodie Room, where society members will squabble over the question: "Were Dwarves a Mistake?" Was the date of this debate a mistake, I wonder?
Fourth Week - Friday 20th May - END-OF-DRAMATIC-READING PARTY
Time: 8.00 pm, Venue: 9 York Place, Excuse: by the end of the evening, we will have completed our dramatic reading of `The Lord of the Rings'. Bring food and drink as usual.
Fifth Week - Friday 27th May - INKLINGS PUB CRAWL
Meet at 7pm in the `Eagle and Child' on St. Giles, to follow in the footsteps of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and their contemporaries.
Sixth Week - Friday 3rd June - SEMINAR
A seminar on a subject of Middle-earth-shattering importance, with an eminent guest speaker. Unfortunately, neither the subject nor the name of the guest speaker can be revealed here, for security reasons (we haven't secured a speaker yet).
Sixth Week - Saturday 4th June - QUEST
Take the opportunity to socialise with our friends from the Arthurian Society, as Andrew and Elspeth organise a joint Quest. Meet at Trinity College gates at 2pm. Cost: about 4 pounds, which will include a picnic dinner (the price may be waived, however, for people volunteering to be 'clues'...). Participants are "encouraged" to come in fancy dress.
Seventh Week - Friday 10th June - WHOSE RING IS IT ANYWAY? (THE NEXT GENERATION)
A brand new, innovative version of the perennial quiz favourite!
Eighth Week - Friday 17th June - DROGO BAGGINS MEMORIAL PUNTMOOT
Our annual end-of term's punt outing, in commemoration of the Shire's unluckiest boatie, (Drown your sorrows...) More information at a later date.

Other events planned for this term but subject to demand are: an outing in sixth week to a performance of `The Mikado', in which Anke will be taking part, and a walking trip, possibly to the Vale of the White Horse.