Taruithorn Termcard, Trinity Term 1995

Meetings will be held in Lecture Room 2, Christ Church College at 8 pm unless stated otherwise. Please bring food and drink to appropriate meetings.

First Week - Friday 28th April - ITS NOT MAY MORNING
Following last term's tradition of missing an important feast day, we are having a Pyjama Party in 28 Lake St (5th or 6th road on the right after Folly Bridge going down Abingdon Rd). Please bring games. It will be followed by...
First Week - Saturday 29th April - BEORN'S BREAKFAST
At 8.30 am in 28 Lake Street (same place as above). Most meetings that refer to a Middle-earth event are from the Lord of the Rings, so we decided to have a Hobbit based party instead. Bread, honey and coffee will be provided by the society. Please bring 1 pound to pay for it. If you want any other food then bring it yourself.
Second Week - Friday 5th May - SPEAKER MEETING
Andrew Wells from the Wellinghall smial in Birmingham has been volunteered by his girlfriend (Sarah Sturch) to give the first of this term's speaker meetings. We don't know what it will be about yet.
Third Week - Sunday 7th May - PUNT PARTY
For those of you who have never been punting before, here's your chance. It's not to be missed. Full details will be provided later. If anyone can get free punts from their college, let us know where they go from and how long in advance they can be booked.
Nostalgia evening and yet another excuse for a party. For those of you who haven't heard the outtakes tape yet, it will probably get played. If it's good weather we may go to Angel and Greyhound meadow as we did this time last year.
Fourth Week - Friday 19th May - GAME SHOW EVENING
We are getting tired of 'Whose Ring is it Anyway' and so we are moving on to other Game Show take offs: Blockbusters and Blind Date (in character) have been threatened. If anyone wants to run a short game or has a good idea for one, contact the committee.
Fifth Week - Friday 26th May - SPEAKER MEETING
As usual the committee will not release the details of the second speaker meeting at the start of term. The invitations have been written, honest.
Sixth Week - Friday 2nd June - DEBATE
This house believes that "The Wizards did more harm than good." Or does it? Come along to this in character debate to decide. We will want four volunteers to give prepared speeches and everyone else is encouraged to heckle from the floor.
Seventh Week - Friday 9th June - BARBECUE AND PUB CRAWL
Sarah is going to have a barbecue for the summer, so we have decided to have an outdoor (if the weather is good, that is) meal before wandering off to a nearby pub (ie one nearby to where ever we have the barbecue which will probably be Sarah's house along St.Clements.) As usual details will be provided at a later date.
Eighth Week - Friday 16th June - DROGO MEMORIAL PUNT PARTY
This will be our traditional end of the year meeting. Emulating Drogo is not compulsory and practise gained earlier in the term will help avoid it. The meeting place will probably be the same as for the earlier punt party, and the time probably around 6.30.
Some Sunday - WALKING TRIP
Some Sunday when there is good weather, probably towards the end of term we will have a walking trip, possibly to the White Horse at Uffington again. We should be able to collect enough cars and drivers to transport about 15 people. More information about this later.

Everyone is welcome to turn up to Committee meetings on Mondays at 6.30 in Andrew's room in Holywell Manor. Normal meetings should be advertised in Daily Information every friday. Good luck to those with exams this term.