Taruithorn Termcard, Trinity Term 1996

Meetings are on Fridays at 8pm. at Mansfield College unless otherwise stated. Committee meetings are on Mondays at 7pm in Anna's room. All are welcome: ask a committee member for details/directions.

First Week - Friday 26th April - BIRTHDAY PARTY
A chance to celbrate with people whose birthdays happen during vacations, in the traditional Taruithorn way - a party at Rob's house (11a Botley Rd). Meet otside Dillon's at 7.30pm.
Second Week - Friday 3rd May - SPEAKER MEETING
This week we present a mystery guest speaker, who will give a talk on an, as yet, unrevealed subject...
Third Week - Friday 10th May - DEBATE
"The Silmarillion is essential reading for the understanding of The Lord of the Rings." Volunteers to speak for and against are invited; questions will be taken after the speeches.
Fourth Week - Sunday 12th May - PRACTICE PUNTMOOT
For beginners and experienced sailors alike. Anyone who is able to get college punts, please let the committee know.
Fourth Week - Friday 17th May - BARBEQUE
To be held at Rob's house (weather permitting!). More details later.
Fifth Week - Friday 24th May - UNIVERSITY CHALLENGE
Yet again we fail to come up with an original game and resort to stealing one from the professionals. Questionmater required. Copies of Foster are not allowed to enter the competition...
Sixth Week - Friday 3st May - SPEAKER MEETING II
Geoff (known by some as Andrew Smith) will tackle the society and tell us all Why he Loathes the Lord of the Rings.
Seventh Week - Friday 7th June - PUBMOOT
Always sensitive to the needs of examinees around this time of year, we offer you a traditional form of support. Meet at the Eagle and Child on St. Giles.
Eighth Week - Friday 14th June - DROGO BAGGINS MEMORIAL PUNTMOOT
Show off the skills you learnt earlier this term and avoid being drownded at the annual end-of-year celebration. More information to follow.

To be arranged: a meeting on Angel and Greyhound meadow one weekend, and a Taruithorn Grand Day Out. Watch this space.