Taruithorn Termcard, Trinity Term 1997

This is the final and correct version, as of 1st week. If any changes are necessary, members will be sent details. The changes might also be put here.

Meetings will be held in Lecture Room 2, Christ Church College at 8 pm unless stated otherwise. Please bring food and drink to appropriate meetings.

First Week - Friday 2nd May - WEDDING ANNIVERSARY PARTY
We celebrate the anniversaries of the weddings of two of the society's couples. The real dates were over the Easter vac. To be held in Chris's house. Meet at 7.00 on St. Aldates to catch the 13b bus. Please bring food and drink.
Second Week - Friday 9th May - DEBATE
"Maybe even Gollum could be a hero." The society debates the question of whether he was.
Third Week - Friday 16th May - GAMES EVENING
Taruithorn rips off as many game shows as possible. Anyone with good ideas for games could gain much praise from the commitee.
Fourth Week - Sunday 18th May - PRACTISE PUNT MOOT
Learn to punt, if you haven't already, to be prepared for the last meeting of the year. If anyone can get college punts for free can they please tell the committee where the punts start. The more punts we can get hold of, the better.
Fourth Week - Friday 23th May - SPEAKER MEETING
Paul Goodman of the Daily Telegraph will give a talk on Escapism in Tolkien's work. He was one of the journalists who stood up for LotR in the recent publicity.
Fourth Week - Saturday 24th May - TARUITHORN SINGERS
There will be a Taruithorn Singer's practise/recording event on this afternoon. Hopefully to be held in Christ Church music room.
Fifth Week - Friday 30th May - GARDEN PARTY
Hopefully will be held in the Cathedral Garden's, Christ Church. More details later.
Sixth Week - Friday 6th June - SPEAKER MEETING
Alex Lewis, ex-chairman of the Tolkien Society and parliamentary candidate in the upcoming elections, also known as Salman Rushtoes, will give a talk about the literary group of the TS that he is heavily involved with, Nigglings, and will read us a story.
Seventh Week - Friday 13th June - PUBMOOT
Nothing too strenuous with exams happening/coming up. To be held at the Eagle and Child on St Giles, from 8pm or earlier.
Eighth Week - Friday 20th June - DROGO MEMORIAL PUNT PARTY
The traditional end of year event, where everyone uses skills learned earlier in term so as not to emulate the famous casualty.
Ninth Week - Sunday 22th June - WALKING TRIP
To a destination that should be known before we set out.