Taruithorn Termcard, Trinity Term 1998

Meetings will be held in The Lady Brodie Room, St Hilda's College at 8 pm unless stated otherwise. Please bring food and drink to appropriate meetings.

First Week - Friday 1st May - PARTY
A party will be held. This will either consist of or be followed by a party at Dwarf's house in Swindon. Transport will be provided.
Second Week - Friday 8th May - TOLKIEN IN OTHER MEDIA
In this meeting we will examine the representations of Tolkien's work in non-written forms. Bring along pictures, audio and video tapes etc. for discussion. We will have a video player and a CD and tape player.
Third Week - Friday 15th May - SPEAKER MEETING
David Doughan of the Fawcett Library and the Tolkien Society will talk on "Du yu spik Ork? or Tolkien in Russian".
Fourth Week - Sunday 17th May - PRACTISE PUNT MOOT
Learn to punt, if you haven't already, to be prepared for the last meeting of the year. If anyone can get college punts for free can they please tell the committee where the punts start. The more punts we can get hold of, the better.
Fourth Week - Friday 22th May - GAMES EVENING
We will be playing Elvish, Call my Bluff, and other games.
Fifth Week - Friday 29th May - SPEAKER MEETING
Paul Bibire of the Cambridge Tolkien Society will give a talk.
Sixth Week - Friday 5th June - PUBMOOT
Nothing too strenuous with exams happening/coming up. To be held at the Eagle and Child on St Giles, from 8pm or earlier.
Seventh Week - Friday 12th June - STRAWBERRY PARTY
Hopefully will be held in the Cathedral Garden's, Christ Church. More details later.
Eighth Week - Friday 19th June - DROGO MEMORIAL PUNT PARTY
The traditional end of year event, where everyone uses skills learned earlier in term so as not to emulate the famous casualty.
Ninth Week - Sunday 21th June - WALKING TRIP
The walk arranged for last year didn't happen due to weather conditions. So we will try again this year.