The White Council

The Committee of the Oxford Tolkien Society, Trinity Term 2014 to Hilary Term 2015

President (Gandalf) Joseph Bartram, St John's College
Secretary (Rúmil) Lynn Edwards, Keble College
Treasurer (Glaurung) Anahita Hoose, Balliol College
Publicity Officer (Mouth of Sauron) Kristi Langli, Oxford Brookes University
IT (Palantir) Officer (Saruman) Joe Bartram, St John's College
Deputy IT Officer for Mailing Lists Katherine Catchpole, Oxford Brookes
Deputy IT Officer for Website Amrit Sidhu-Brar, The Other Place
Lembas Reps (Sam Gamgee) Katherine Catchpole, Oxford Brookes
Eleanor Simmons, The Real World
Magazine Editor (Bilbo Baggins) Amrit Sidhu-Brar, The Other Place
Senior Member Dr. Benjamin Spagnolo, Christ Church
Emeritus Senior Member Dr. Martin Grossel, Christ Church
Wrexham Rep Eleanor Legg, The Real World
Mornington Crescent Rep Martha Buckley, The Real World

The responsibilities of the committee members are defined in the society Constitution, but in summary: the three main positions on the committee are the President, Secretary and Treasurer, which, along with the IT Officer, must be filled by students of the University.

The President is responsible for the overall running of the society, and presides over all society and committee meetings, if present. The job generally consists of making sure that other people are doing their jobs, and performing (or delegating) administrative tasks such as the booking of rooms.

The Secretary's chief responsibility is to take minutes are committee or general meetings, and to maintain contact with the Proctors - mainly by submitting a form once a term which is required for the registration of the society with the University.

The Treasurer maintains the society's accounts, and is responsible for all financial transactions, as well as maintaining the society membership list.

The other committee positions are filled by members of the society, and are essential to the smooth running of the society. The Publicity Officer writes the termcard and sends out weekly emails to the email lists about each week's meetings. The IT Officer maintains the society website and mailing lists, while the Lembas Reps have the most important job on the committee - they bring the food each week! The Wrexham and Mornington Crescent Reps exist for historical/fun reasons and are essentially committee members without portfolio, having no (serious) assigned responsibilities except to sit on the committee.

Our Senior Member, Dr. Grossel, Lord of Darkness, registers the society with the Proctors, kindly books rooms for us in Christ Church, and generally ensures the society continues to exist, for which we are all eternally grateful.