Taruithorn Termcard, Hilary Term 2018

Note that the termcard is somewhat subject to change - sign up to our mailing list to be notified of any changes.

Venues for meetings:

LR2 - Christ Church Lecture Room 2, right hand door in rear (East) side of Tom (front) Quad, ground floor

Bayne Room - Christ Church Bayne Room, door about one-third along right (South) side of Tom (front) Quad, ground floor

Those events marked with ** are open to all comers, except where otherwise noted. If you'd like to continue coming to our events after this, we ask that you join the Society; membership is a very reasonable £8 per year for new members (£13 for existing members) and includes food and drink at many events.

1st week – Thursday 18th January – Fan-art Evening

Sterday 28th Afteryule SR8080 / Valanya 4th Nénimë VIII25

Christ Church – LR2 – 8pm

A simple evening do show and discuss all of our favourite artwork associated with the Professor’s works, be it professional or otherwise.

1st week – Friday 19th January – Mathom Party

Sunday 29th Afteryule SR8080 / Elenya 5th Nénimë VIII25

Christ Church – LR2 – 8pm

“...for anything that Hobbits had no immediate use for, but were unwilling to throw away, they called a mathom.”

A party with a twist. Bring along your least wanted possession. You will leave with someone else's. It can get competitive as we argue why we least need the item on offer!

2nd week – Thursday 25th January – Craft Evening

Sterday 5th Solmath SR8080 / Valanya 11th Nénimë VIII25

Christ Church – LR2 – 8pm

Come and be crafty! All sorts of projects welcome, whether you’re brining one with you are coming to learn something new. Craft will be with an eye towards making décor for the Banquet and Festival of Imagined Worlds. Some materials provided, but feel free to bring your own!

2nd week – Friday 26th January – Ice-skating

Sunday 6th Solmath SR8080 / Elenya 12th Nénimë VIII25

Meet by Carfax Tower – 8pm

Come along for a fun evening of ice skating with other society members! Will cost £4.40 (or less for students).

3rd week – Friday 2nd February – Tolkien’s languages, and Festival Preparation

Sunday 13th Solmath SR8080 / Elenya 19th Nénimë VIII25

Christ Church – LR2 – 8pm

Aimed at prepping for our activity at the Festival of Imagined words, we’ll be discussing the application of Tolkien’s two main written alphabets to English, and finalising stall decorations. Should be fun whether you’re planning on coming to the festival or not!

3rd week – Saturday 3rd February – Film Evening

Monday 14th Solmath SR8080 / Anarya 20th Nénimë VIII25

Christ Church – LR2 – 8pm

In which we watch whatever combination of films we can fit into the 4-hour slot before the porters kick us out! Films to be decided by online poll.

4th week – Friday 9th February – Festival of Imagined Worlds

Sunday 20th Solmath SR8080 / Elenya 26th Nénimë VIII25

Cheney School – Cheney Lane (OX3 7QH) – 3pm

The Iris Festival of Imagined Worlds at the Cheney School will celebrate novels set in imaginary worlds, exploring how ancient myths and histories have often inspired these worlds. We are running a Tolkien activity at the festival, teaching people to write their names in some of Tolkien’s alphabets. The event is free and open to the public.

4th week – Friday 9th February – Dramatic Readings

Sunday 20th Solmath SR8080 / Elenya 26th Nénimë VIII25

Christ Church – LR2 – 8pm

Join us to read out passages from our favourite Tolkien or related work. Appealing to the thespian in each of us, we practice and perform various scenes in a suitably (ir)reverent fashion. Bring along your favourite and pick a passage!

5th week – Thursday 15th February – The Geek Quiz

Sterday 26th Solmath SR8080 / Valanya 2nd Súlimë VIII25

Worcester College – Narzin Shah Auditorium – 8pm

In the legendary Geek Quiz, members of Oxford's geekiest societies get together in teams in order to battle it out for the crown of “team who won that term”. A really fun evening, and who knows, we might even get an answer right occasionally...

5th week – Saturday 17th February – Of Beren & Lúthien: A Banquet

Monday 28th Solmath SR8080 / Valanya 4th Súlimë VIII25

Diamond Place – North Oxford Association Community Centre – 2pm

For one night only, we host a feast to end all feasts! The Taruithorn Banquet is the highlight of the year, featuring many hours of feasting, frivolity and flowing mead. Costumes are entirely optional, but encouraged! Ticketed, and places must be booked beforehand.

6th week – Thursday 22nd February – Varsity Quiz Preparation

Sterday 3rd Rethe SR8080 / Valanya 9th Súlimë VIII25

Christ Church – LR2 – 8pm

Warming up for the annual battle of wits with our foes who punt from the wrong end, an evening of questions ranging from the trivial to the tricksy.

6th week – Friday 23rd – Annual General Meeting and pancakes

Sunday 4th Rethe SR8080 / Elenya 10th Súlimë VIII25

Location TBA – 7pm

Come along to eat plenty of lovely pancakes as well as elect our committee for next year - bring along your favourite topping!

7th week – Friday 2nd March – Speaker Evening: Edmund Weiner

Sunday 11th Rethe SR8080 / Elenya 17th Súlimë VIII25

Christ Church – LR2 – 8pm

Edmund Weiner, the Deputy Chief Editor of the Oxford English Dictionary, will give a talk, “They grew out of their name”:

“Numerous words and names in Tolkien's works seem to have a complex inner history in his own mind. In this talk I take another look at the way I think Tolkien's creative philological imagination worked.”

7th week – Saturday 3rd March – Varsity Quiz

Monday 12th Rethe SR8080 / Anarya 18th Súlimë VIII25

Christ Church – LR2 – 3pm

Come along either to take part in the quiz, or just to watch, if you'd prefer, as we attempt to regain our honour by defeating our Cambridge rivals in a battle of wits.

8th week – Thursday 8th March – Pub Moot

Sterday 17rd Rethe SR8080 / Valanya 23rd Súlimë VIII25

St. Giles – Lamb & Flag – 8pm

“Oh, you can search far and wide / you can drink the whole town dry!”

A moot, in a pub. There will be friends, and drinks. Does this require from further explication? Dancing on the tables optional!

8th week – Friday 9th March – End-of-term Committee Meeting & Board Games

Sunday 18th Rethe SR8080 / Elenya 24th Súlimë VIII25

Christ Church – LR2 – 8pm

A chance to relax at the end of term over wine, board games, and other diversions. Bring along your favourites!

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