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Mailing Lists

OW! have a number of electronic mailing lists hosted by the University. These are used for announcing upcoming practices and events, and to share other Ultimate-related information in Oxford and the rest of the UK. These are the primary source of information and discussion for the club. If you are interested in playing Ultimate at Oxford, then you are advised to join the main OW! mailing list. There is also a subsidiary mailing list just for WOW!, the women's team at Oxford.

The first team also has it's own subsidiary mailing list, for the hardcore Ultimate fans who enjoy having full inboxes. Unlike the others, this list is invite-only, but if you play/have played for OW! in any capacity and would like to join, then simply ask and you will probably be allowed in!

Finally, there is a College Ultimate list, which is a separate entity, used solely for the collegiate scene.

Please note: the 'subscribe/unsubscribe' links below will automatically launch your email client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook) and compose a blank email to the relevant address - you just need to click 'send'. However, if you want to subscribe using a web-based email service (like Hotmail), you'll need to do this manually. Just hover over the link and you'll see the relevant address appear in the bottom-left corner of your browser window. Compose a blank email and send it to this address. Simples!


Our Google calendar details all the regular and not-so-regular events we hold. It's your one-stop shop for finding out what's on and where it's happening!