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What Can I do as a member of OW?

All OW! members get the opportunity to play for Oxford. OW! attends a number of tournaments, serious and fun (more often than not: both at once), and we always try to take as many people as possible. As such, if you are a hardcore Ultimate enthusiast, or if you just haven't played for long enough to become one yet, we have a place for you.

Requirements for being eligible to play for OW!2 are simply that you attend as many of the main practices as possible throughout the year. That's it! Come and play as often as you can, and you can come to tournaments with us. This also means that you will be able to buy yourself some shiny OW! kit as well!

If you are really into your Ultimate, and we notice that you're improving your game significantly/are already quite good and showing enthusiasm for the sport, then we may invite you to join OW!1 or WOW!1, our men's and women's flagship teams, respectively. As a member of the first teams, you will be expected to train more regularly. You will also get to compete for a half-blue at varsity matches (OW!2 players, you also get to play at varsity, just not for a blue.)

OK I'm Interested, How Do I Join?

That's easy! Simply turn up to one of our practices, and come say “hi”. We'll be the ones throwing the discs around. You can attend your first few practices no-strings, until you get a feel for the game. After that, we ask that you sign up to OW!, which entails paying an annual club fee of £30. Not much for a whole year of frisbee, eh? Even better, if it's your first time signing up, we even give you an official OW! disc absolutely free!

At the start of the year, we will be hosting an introductory session for all the new people at Oxford. This will take place during first week, so look out for our stall at freshers fair, or keep an eye on the events schedule for time and location. If you find that the main OW! stuff is just a bit too much, then don't worry, we still have something for you. A number of colleges take part in our Ultimate spring league, in which you can play for your college against your friends in other colleges. If your college doesn't have a team, then don't worry about that either, we can fit you into a college team that does. Or, of course, if you have a bunch of you from college that want to play, you can form your own college team!

PS: Playing in spring league does not require that you join OW! There is nothing to pay, you can simply come and play. Get in touch with your college captain, or OW! if you're interested.

What is Ultimate?

Ultimate is a fast paced team sport played the world over. In the United Kingdom the sport is governed by the UK Ultimate Association (UKU), and world wide by the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF). The game is played by two teams of seven players. Running when in possession of the disc is not permitted and the disc is advanced down the field by being thrown from player to player until one team scores by catching the disc in an end zone at the end of the playing field. At the highest level ultimate requires a unique combination of technical throwing skills, fitness, endurance and agility. Yet, for the newer player, the game remains simple and accessible for players of all ages. A great introduction to the game and it's rules can be found in the promotional flyer produced by UKU.

University and Club Ultimate

The rapid growth of Ultimate in the UK is in a large part to the success of the sport at the University. What used to be only a hand full of university teams competing once or twice a year, University Ultimate is now a thriving and competitive inter-university sport, played at over 60 universities with more and more teams competing each year.

Being a friendly club, OW! welcomes everyone and anyone to come along and play with us at our open practices, even those who are not members of the university (unfortunately, a non-member of the University will be ineligible to compete with us as part of OW! at University-level tournaments).