Branch Committee members are:-

Peter Belk Chairman (Acting secretary)

Les Hil Vice Chairman

Martin Barker Assistant Secrtary

John Freeman Treasurer

Colin Cook Senior Safety Officer


KevinValentine Chemistry

Lisa Conyers Museum

Nigel Parker Physics

Peter Flaxman Materials and Pharmacology

Chris Tipler Library

Workplace Representatives

Centre for the Environment - Ailsa Allen

Department of Engineering - David Smith

Department of Plant Sciences - Andrew Liddell

Department of Pharmacology - Peter Flaxman

Dept. of Physiology, Anat & Genetics - Martin Barker

Chemistry - Les Hill

Sir William Dunn School of Pathology - Chris Jenkins

University Museum of Natural History - Lisa Conyers

Safety Representatives

Engineering Science - Peter Fair

William Dunn School Of Pathology - Jenny Byrne

Pharmacology - Clive Garnham

Physiology, Anatomy & Genetics - Lorraine Bonner Woods, Lynne Scott, Vivien Wilkins & Robert Laynes

Plant Sciences - Andrew Liddell

University Museum of Natural History - Lisa Conyers