Technical documents for MLFL staff

Most of the documents linked to are .html files (Web pages) or .pdf files (Acrobat reader files). If an extra program is needed, this is indicated.

Analytical cataloguing
part 1: chapters, etc. of books
part 2: articles in periodicals

"Cat kit" for revised version of Catalog(u)ers' Desktop (8/04)

Cataloguing accompanying non-book material

Cataloguing aspects of multi-volume works (rev. 2006)

Cataloguing atlases

Cataloguing auction catalogues - provisional (Based on SCIPIO practice)

Cataloguing electronic journals

Cataloguing loose-leaf continuing resources

Cataloguing made-up sets

Cataloguing maps

Cataloguing microforms

Cataloguing non-musical sound recordings

Cataloguing offprints

Cataloguing "on demand" reprints

Cataloguing series

Cataloguing special issues

Cataloguing standards

Cataloguing theses (esp. those submitted for Oxford degrees)

Cataloguing definitely non-Oxford theses

Cataloguing "unanalysable parts" of monographic series (i.e. items with no individual collective title)

Cataloguing - use of uniform titles

Cataloguing videos
part 1: videocassettes
part 2: DVDs

Checking Windows systems for "signs of compromise" (security guidelines)

Circulation Reports Manual - slightly out of date

Using Classification Web

Discussion document on difficulties in cataloguing European books

Electronic resources - linking from bibliographic records

General information on designing accessible Web sites

General stuff on JAFER - is this still going on? [Word document]

Image file of Greek handwritten letter forms

How to send circulation reports to Excel [Word document]

Inputting OLRS in the Taylor Libraries

Initial articles in cataloguing

Installing the OSIRIS client - just in case...

Instructions for (optional) setting up standing orders [Word document]

Interim document on multi-part ordering [Word document]

LC subject headings for fiction

LC table for transliteration of Yiddish & Hebrew (N.B. - these are not entirely adequate)

Links to instructions on maintenance of multi-part holdings

List of blocks found on readers' records

MARC 21 relator codes - for reference only; not used (so far) in non-antiquarian Olis cataloguing

MARC coding guidelines for electronic resource cataloguing

"Missing" status in circulation - EMail

Note from MH re cataloguing of music-only items (i.e., sans text) (Email)

Note on sourcing of titles for internet resources

Notes on video resources in O.U. libraries [N.B. OpenOffice document!]

OCLC searches limited by date (EMail)

Periodical or series? Some criteria

EMail from apf on searching by shelfmark in GeoCat

Stuff on captions used when adding piece records, etc. for multi-vol. works (appendices to cataloguing workbook):
        Appendix 2 - Type of holding descriptions
        Appendix 3 - Captions, enumerations & chronology in publication patterns
        Appendix 6 - Multipart items with non-standard or no captions

Updates to Marc 21 (Jan. 2003)

Use of GMDs in bibliographic records [Word document]

Upgrading bibliographic records

When to input a new record - part 1

<Link - no link back! - to guidelines for cataloguing electronic resources (a set of PDF files)>