Handlink pictures

The best shots of the `gummi bear' handlink seem to come in `The Leap Back' and `Liberation'.

Thanks to John Wiltshire for this screenshot from `Liberation'.

Based on the handlink's appearances in these two episodes, I have drawn a sketch of approximately how it might look viewed from the top.

This scan is sampled at 75 dots per inch so the real picture is about 4 by 6 inches. The circles on the sketch represent lights that I saw during the clip from `Liberation'; there may also be others which did not light up. Since this is a plan view it does not show how high each block is; in fact it is not that easy to tell from the TV picture either. However, the screenshot does give some clues, and we may assume that any block which lights up has at least some height. The nondescript grey-brown areas are fairly certain to be at ground level, as it were.

If you have been to this page before, you will probably have noticed that the pictures here are new. For comparison, here is a small picture of the old sketch which I made a few years ago. This was made from looking at `The Leap Back' as I hadn't noticed the handlink in `Liberation' at that time. I tried to mark the raised blocks by drawing heavier outlines around them.

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