It can be very intimidating to give a presentation. However, if you have prepared well and practised, then you should feel confident; most audiences are on your side - they are interested in what you have to say.

Here are some very basic tips that you might help you:

Position: Stay in full view of your audience. They will want to divide their attention between you and your slides. A lectern can sometimes act as a barrier between you and the audience and so get out from behind it whenever possible.

Posture: Hands in pockets or arms folded across the chest or hands on hips tend to have negative overtones in most cultures, and so a relaxed, upright posture with arms straight and relaxed at your sides is best.

Movement: You do not have to stand absolutely still; indeed some movement is natural. However avoid rhythmical pacing up and down, or repeated shift of weight or footing.

Eye contact: It is important to make eye contact with the audience. Staring at your notes makes you look uncertain of what you are saying. Staring at the back of the room makes you look disinterested or aloof. Also avoid making eye contact with the same person all the time – they may start to feel uncomfortable!

Voice: You need to be heard by the person at the back of the room. If a lapel microphone is available, you should use it. Not only does it enable you to talk at a normal volume, but it will often be linked into a system to help those with hearing difficulties.

Pace: You are likely to be nervous. This is good; it can give an edge to your talk that will generate interest from the audience. However it can make you talk faster than normal. You need to consciously speak at a normal pace. Don’t be afraid to pause during your delivery, particularly before or after an important point.

Variety: A monotonous delivery can make even the most interesting content seem boring. One of the prime advantages a presentation has over the written text is that you can introduce variety in your voice. Changes in volume or pitch to emphasise particular points can be very effective.

Enthusiasm: It will be difficult for an audience to be enthusiastic about your presentation if you are not. You will undoubtedly have a natural enthusiasm for the work you are involved in, so don’t hide it!