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Silvia Venturi is a fourth-year undergraduate student at the University of Urbino (Italy). She is spending three months (June-September 2016) with the VG group as an Erasmus+ trainee. She is working on the synthesis and biological evaluation of fluorinated inhibitors, and their application as potential PET tracers.
Jiratheep Pruchyathamkorn (Boom) is doing MChem degree at Merton College, University of Oxford. Having finished his first year, he joined the VG group as a summer student visitor. Currently, he is working on the synthesis of 18F compound. In his spare time, Boom enjoys playing the piano and pingpong, going bowling and organising community service camps.

Past Visitors

Dr. Thomas Cailly obtained his PhD in Pharmacy from the University of Caen (France) under the supervision of Pr. Sylvain Rault. In 2006, he was appointed teaching and research assistant at the University of Caen and in 2007 research engineer. In 2008, he joined the group of Pr. M. Begtrup at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) as a post-doctoral fellow. Since 2009, Thomas Cailly is “maître de conférences” in bio-inorganic chemistry at the University of Caen and his work at the Centre d’Etudes et de Recherche sur le Médicament de Normandie (CERMN) with Pr. F Fabis is dedicated to: Scaffolds for medicinal chemistry and C-H activation reactions, Synthesis of 5-HTR radioligands and RNA selective tagging using chemical methods. Thomas joined the Gouverneur group as a visiting researcher in 2014-15.
Harry Bush is an undergraduate at Merton College, visiting the VG group for 6 weeks over August and September 2015. His project was exploring the synthesis of compounds labelled with fluorine-18 for PET-imaging. In his spare time, he is a member of Oxford Raise and Give (committee secretary) and tries to spend as much time with friends as an Oxford chemistry degree allows.
Ruchuta Ardkhean (Nod) obtained MChem degree from the University of Oxford under the supervision of Prof.Timothy Donohoe. She is currently undertaking her second rotation as a part of Centre for Doctoral Training in Synthesis for Biology and Medicine programme (SBM CDT) investigating the effects of H bonding of fluoride ion on its nucleophilicity under the supervision of Prof. Robert Paton and Prof. Veronique Gouverneur.
Raul Pereira was a visiting student from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich. He was a final year doctoral student working on Tröger’s base chemistry under the supervision of Dr. Ján Cvengroš, in the laboratory of Prof. Antonio Togni. At the Gouverneur laboratories, he worked on the development of novel fluorinating reagents.
Christopher Delaforce (Chris) completed his MChem at the University of East Anglia. As a first year DPhil student on the BHF Cardiovascular Medicinal Chemistry program, he undertook a rotational project in the Gouverneur group. When he has the money, Chris enjoys sailing.
Dr. Benoît Liégault obtained his PhD degree in Organic Chemistry from the University of Rennes, France. He then joined the group of Prof. Keith Fagnou at the University of Ottawa, Canada, as a postdoctoral research assistant, focusing on the development of palladium-catalyzed C-H bond functionalization reactions. In 2010, he was appointed as a CNRS Research Fellow at the Institut Charles Gerhardt in Montpellier, France, in Marc Taillefer's research group, where he developed new oxidative aromatic nucleophilic functionalization reactions. Benoit joined the Gouverneur group as a visiting researcher in 2014-2015.
Osman Tack was a summer intern prior to commencing his Part II with the group in 2014. His project was exploring new fluorinating methods using small molecule Hydrogen-bond donors. In his spare time Osman is a concert pianist, giving regular recitals, and he frequently accompanies a variety of musicians. He also enjoys teaching piano and violin.
Florence Hardy, an undergraduate from Balliol College, Oxford, visited the VG group as an 8 week summer project over July and August 2014. In her spare time, she enjoys playing the guitar and rifle shooting, as well as helping to run her college bar.
Matthew Raybould matriculated in October 2012 as an undergraduate at the University of Oxford (MCHEM), and is a member of Merton College. In recognition of academic achievement during his studies, Matt was awarded a six week research grant by Merton College, to join the VG group in the summer of 2014. In his spare time he plays solo piano and is a cellist in Merton's Fidelio orchestra.
Christoph Schlepphorst was a visiting master student from the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität (Münster, Germany). He joined the VG group from September 2013 to January 2014, to work on the development of novel radiolabelling methodology.
Gerard Palau Lluch was a second year PhD student at the University Rovira I Virgili in Tarragona (Catalonia, Spain). His research interests involved synthesis of organofluoroborane compounds by sequential borylation-fluorination protocols. He joined VG group from April to June 2013 as a visiting student focused on trifluoromethylation of aryl-boronic acids. In his spare time, he likes to play sports (football, running and swimming basically), hang out with friends, play guitar, and learn different languages.
M. Keita
Chatenay Malabry, France
C. De Graaf
Erasmus - The Netherlands
A. Conde Angulo
University of Murcia, Spain
A. Monney
University of Fribourg, Switzerland
B. Bonillo
Murcia, Spain
A. Pujol
ENS Rennes, France
L. Garcia
ENS Cachan, France
G. Giufreddi
University of Bern, Switzerland
F. Huguet
ENS Cachan, France
A. Kyei
Somerville College, Oxford