Post Docs
Oscar L

Oscar Lozano was born in Barcelona in 1974 and obtained his degrees in Biology and Pharmacy from the University of Barcelona. After that, he carried out his PhD under the supervision of Professors Bosch, Amat and Escolano at the same University. His Thesis was entitled Stereoselective alkylation of chiral bicyclic lactams: Application to the synthesis of alkaloids. In May 2008, he joined the Gouverneur group working with the synthesis of enantiopure fluorinated pyrrolidines and piperidines.

Matt carried out both his part II and his DPhil at Oxford under the supervision of Prof Gouverneur before heading over to Cambridge to post-doc with Dr Matt Gaunt. Matt has recently rejoined the Gouverneur group as a post-doc researcher

Zhanghua Gao (Mark) got his PhD degree in Lanzhou University, working in the synthesis of terpenoids with professor Wei-Dong Li. He then joined professor Kocieński’s group in Leeds University as a postdoc, focusing on the synthesis of Ionomycin, a polyether ionophore. He worked in chemical industry in Sunderland and Southampton before moving to Oxford to join the group.



Guy Giuffredi was born in Berne (Switzerland) in 1983 and obtained his M.Sc at the University of Berne in 2007 working on the ‘Total Synthesis of Indolizidine 167B’. As a Visiting Student, he worked under the supervision of Dr. Gouverneur on the ‘Total Synthesis of Fluorinated Vitamin D Analogues’ for one year. He is funded by a Berrow Society Lord Florey Scholarship at Lincoln College and works on the ‘de novo Synthesis of Fluorinated Carbohydrates’. In his spare time he likes snowboarding, playing squash and football.


Matthew Hopkinson is a third year DPhil from Merton College working on the formation of fluorinated compounds for PET imaging. Having done his undergraduate degree at Pembroke College, Oxford he spent his Part II year in the Gouverneur group, working on the formation of fluorinated 1,2-oxazines. He is funded in part by GlaxoSmithKline. Outside of the lab, he enjoys playing football and badminton.

Lorraine Combettes is a third year DPhil. She carried out her undergraduate studies in Montpellier (PC – lycée Joffre) and completed her masters in organic chemistry in Strasbourg (ECPM). She joined the group to work on the synthesis of fluorinated pyrrolidines funded by EPSRC. Lorraine is interested in history of art and enjoys watching F1 world championship in her spare time. She is also one of the biggest fans of Radiohead.
Lei Li was born in a small and beautiful city Zhanjiang which is located in the southern part of mainland China. She received her BSc from Peking University in 2004 and then studied for an MSc in Inorganic Chemistry from Fudan University under the supervision of Prof. Fuyou Li. Li is a first year DPhil student and is funded by the K.C.Wong Scholarship. She is working on SPECT tracers for the imaging of hypoxic cells. In her spare time, Li likes to cook Chinese food and watch TV. She is also a big fan of the Chinese pop singer Jane Zhang.
Rebekka Hueting is a third year DPhil student and comes from Bad Oeynhausen (Germany). She completed her MChem at Oriel College, Oxford where she worked with Prof Chris Schofield on dynamic methodology for metalloenzyme inhibition during her Part II year. Rebekka is jointly supervised between Veronique Gouverneur, Jon Dilworth and Martin Christlieb and funded by GSK and the Gray Institute. Her project involves the development and mechanistic study of new radiotracers for PET and SPECT using both radiohalogens and metallic radionuclides. In her spare time she can be found enjoying a range of sports and playing the piano.
John Ilupeju is a second year DPhil. He completed his MSci degree at the University of Birmingham in 2008 under the supervision of Dr. Richard Grainger investigating homolytic aromatic substitutions for the synthesis of alkaloids buflavine and assoanine. He joined the group to work on the ‘synthesis and new reagents for asymmetric fluorination’ funded by EPSRC. He's a member of Wolfson College.
Oscar Galicia López was born in Mexico City, graduated from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México with Msc in Inorganic Chemistry at the Institute of Chemistry UNAM under the supervision of Professor David Morales-Morales. He is a member of St. Cross College. He is currently working on silicon and fluorine chemistry and is funded by CONACyT. He enjoys traveling.
Ida Sofia Stenhagen received her MSci degree in Medicinal Chemistry from University College London. She is a first year DPhil student working on electrophilic fluorine-18 labelling for PET-imaging in collaboration with GE Healthcare and Turku PET Centre. She is funded by a BBSRC CASE award. In her spare time she enjoys discovering obscure bands and going to the cinema.
Jamie is a first year DPhil student working on the development of chiral N-F fluorinating reagents. He completed his MChem at Balliol College, Oxford and spent his part II year in the Gouverneur group working on PET tracers for tumour imaging. Outside of the lab he can be found in the garage repairing his mini or playing tennis, badminton and squash.

Charley completed her BSc and MSc at the University of York in 2008. She is currently working on palladium catalysed nucleophilic fluorination, and is funded by a DTA award. Outside the lab she enjoys going to gigs and playing badminton.

George Blessley is a second year DPhil student working on the development of enantioselective catalytic fluorocyclisations, funded by a GSK CASE award.  He completed his MSci at Downing College, Cambridge under the supervision of Paul Barker, working on the synthesis of click-linked porphyrins.  When he isn't in the lab, you will probably find him on the river.

Elena Benedetto is a second year DPhil student from Merton College. She is investigating platinum catalysed allylic substitution, and is funded by a European fellowship. She received her MSci in Organic Chemistry at the University of Bologna, where she worked on organocatalytic stereoselective alpha-alkylation of aldehydes under the supervision of Prof. P.G. Cozzi.

Part II and Visiting Students

Faye joined the group as a Part II student, studying at Oriel college. For her Part II project she was working on asymmetric fluorination using organocatalysis. She is returning to the group to begin her DPhil in September. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, playing netball and watching X Factor, Loose Women, One Tree Hill and other rubbish TV!


Max started his DPhil project when he was just 3 years old working on the development of new fluorinated polymers to build highly resistant frisbees. When not in the lab, you might see him on Merton ground testing his new materials. In his spare time, he enjoys eating, sleeping, playing extreme football or swimming in the river.

  Former Members

Miriam was a Part II student from Merton, working on Pd catalysed allylic substitutions.

Patrick Holden was a part II student from Oriel college investigating novel functionalisation methodology.

Lawrence was a Part II student from Merton College. His work in the group focused on C-F bond formation.

Rodrigue Leuma Yona obtained his PhD in Bioorganic Chemistry in Paul Sabatier University (Toulouse) under the Supervision of Dr Emmanuel Gras and Professor Peter Faller, Working on the interaction of organic compounds with amyloïd fibrils, grant by France Alzheimer. He joined the Gouverneur Group in March 2009, working on the 18F-radiolabeled compound for PET imaging.

Sophie Boldon completed her MSci in Natural Sciences at Pembroke College, Cambridge in 2006. In her final year she worked for Prof Ian Paterson FRS, towards the synthesis of the natural product Peloruside A. She joined the group that year to work in the area of fluorous synthesis for the preparation of fluorinated targets, and was funded by AstraZeneca.

Charlotte was a visiting scientist investigating fluorine techniques. Her post-doctoral research in Denmark and abroad is financed by the University of Copenhagen, the Carlsberg foundation and Lundbeck foundation. Charlotte has a BSc and MSc in Engineering (Org. Chem.) from the Technical University of Denmark. Her Phd thesis in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry was performed in the group of Professor Povl Krogsgaard-Larsen and the pharmaceutical company H. Lundbeck A/S. The post-doctoral work in Denmark encompasses synthesis of new receptor modulators of Cys-loop ligand-gated receptors. She has remained in Oxford, working for Dr. Anglea Russell.

Jonathan was a Part II student from Pembroke working in the group on the development of novel gold-catalyzed cascade cylisation-cross-coupling reactions of allenoates with Selectfluor. He is now working at Deloitte in London.

Yee Hwee
Yee Hwee Lim was born in Singapore. Yee Hwee received her BSc from University of Bristol in 2004. She then worked as a medicinal chemist in S*Bio, Singapore for a year. In June 2005, she began the first part of her Skaggs-Oxford joint PhD/DPhil studies at The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla under the supervision of Prof. K. C. Nicolaou, where she worked on the "Total syntheses of Bisanthraquinones Natural Products". In October 2008, she moved to the UK to join the Gouverneur group for the second part of the joint degree program. She is a member of Lincoln College. She is currently working on investigating fluorous-fluorous interactions and their applications.

Carl Poree was a fourth year undergraduate student at Balliol College. His work in the Gouverneur group focused on palladium-mediated methods for the formation of C-F bonds. He is undertaking a PhD position at Bristol University under the supervision of Guy Lloyd-Jones.

Laura was a Part II student at Pembroke College working on the synthesis of gem-difluorinated carbohydrate analogues for the investigation of fluorine-hydrogen bonding. She is returning to oxford next year to study for a DPhil.

Nathalie le MAIRE was a visiting student from the University of Namur. She was investigating the synthesis of a [18F]-radiolabeled benzodiazepine for her second masters degree. Her previoius project focused on the Synthesis and evaluation of novel hydrogen-bonding chiral organocatalysts under the supervision of Prof. Steve Lanners.

Laurence Carroll was a DPhil student from New College. His work was based on PET imaging and fluorinated carbohydrates. He was funded by the DTI and Siemens Molecular Imaging. Laurence is still a Newcastle United fan.
James Harvey did his undergrad at Cambridge where he was a member of Clare college. During his final year project he worked with Dr Joe Spencer synthesizing non-hydrolysable CoA analogues. He then moved to New College, Oxford, and worked in the group on phosphorus chemistry. He is now working for David McMillan at Princeton

Teresa Martinez was born in Cuenca (Spain) in 1981 and she obtained her PhD in Organic Chemistry in Complutense University (Madrid, Spain) under the Supervision of Prof. Benito Alcaide and Dr. Pedro Almendros working on allenols oxycyclization. Teresa joined the group in May 2009, as a postdoc, and her project, which was funded by Marie-Curie fellowship, dealt with asymmetric fluorocyclisations.



Justyna Walkowiak received her MSc in bioorganic chemistry from Adam Mickiewicz University ( Poznań , Poland ), where she worked under the supervision of Prof. Henryk Koroniak. She stayed in the group for PhD studies working on synthesis and fluorinating properties of 1,1,3,3,3-pentafluoropropene secondary amine adducts. Justyna joined the group in May 2008, as a postdoc, and her project, which was funded by Marie-Curie fellowship, dealt with the synthesis of fluorinated monomers.


José María Blasco Mata was born in Lugo (Spain). José received his BSc from Strathclyde University (Glasgow) and then completed his studies in Santiago de Compostela (Spain), attaining his MSc in Chemistry of Bioactive Compounds. After working on the chemistry of vitamin D 3 under the supervision of Professor A. Mouriño, he joined the Gouverneur group. He was a DPhil student working on trifluoromethylated building blocks and allyl silanes. José was funded by the EPSRC and was a member of Wolfson College

Sarah Lee was working on chemical genetic approaches to identifying protein kinase substrates, funded by the BBSRC. This project wais carried out in collaboration with Dr Mann (Imperial College) and Professor Cantrell (University of Dundee). Sarah carried out her PhD at the University of Wales under the supervision of Dr Murphy. Her project focused on the mechanism of non-classical Wittig reactions. Sarah has taken up several postdoc postions in Sheffield and Oxford.

Amaruka Hazari was born in Melbourne, Australia. She completed her BSc. (Hons I) at the University of Sydney under the supervision of Professor Les Field. Her Honours thesis investigated the reactivity of dinitrogen coordinated to iron-phosphine complexes. Amaruka was a DPhil student at Merton College and was jointly supervised by John Brown and Veronique Gouverneur. Her project focused on the development of palladium-catalysed asymmetric fluorination reactions.

Romain Bejot obtained his PhD on metal-mediated organic reactions in 2006 from the University Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg under the supervision of Dr. Charles Mioskowski. Romain joined the group as a post doc in 2006 and was funded by the DIUS and Siemens Molecular Imaging. He was working on new 18F-radiolabeled reactions and new tracers for assessment of hypoxic tumours using PET.
Harriet Teare was a DPhil student working on fluorine-18 labelling for PET imaging in collaboration with Hammersmith Imanet (part of GE healthcare). She was funded by the BBSRC. When not in the lab she was often to be found kick-boxing or on a rugby pitch.