Group Members

Greg McSweeney completed his BSc( Hons) in Chemistry this past year at University College Cork in Ireland. His project involves the study of nucleophilic fluorine-18 labelling for PET-imaging, funded by OCIC. His interests include playing guitar, football and a keen interest in rugby and NFL.

Tanatorn Khotavivattana (Plum) was born in Bangkok, Thailand. He joined the group as a Part II student, working on photoredox catalysed trifluoromethylation. Outside the lab, he spends his free time cooking and baking. Plum has been awarded one of the three 2014 SCI scholarships. More about Plum


Nicholas Taylor (Nick) completed his MChem at the University of York, where he worked on palladium-catalysed alkenylation of enolates with Professor Richard Taylor. He is now a DPhil student at Magdalen College and is currently working on methods for the fluorination of heterocycles. In his free time, he enjoys playing the cornet in brass bands.