Group Members

Faye Buckingham matriculated in 2007 at Oriel College, Oxford and completed her Part II project in the Gouverneur group working on asymmetric fluorination. She is now a DPhil student at Lincoln College and her project is based on the development of novel methods for 18F-labelling. In her spare time she enjoys playing netball, reading and shopping and is also responsible for the group social activities.
Miriam O'Duill is a DPhil student, working on novel trifluoromethylation methods. She completed her MChem at Merton College, Oxford, and spent her Part II year in the Gouverneur group working on palladium catalysed allylic fluorination. In her free time she enjoys running and swing dancing.
Greg McSweeney completed his BSc( Hons) in Chemistry this past year at University College Cork in Ireland. His project involves the study of nucleophilic fluorine-18 labelling for PET-imaging, funded by OCIC. His interests include playing guitar, football and a keen interest in rugby and NFL.
Stefan Verhoog completed his chemistry degree at the HU University of Applied Siences, Utrecht in 1999. In the same year, he started as a research chemist in the medicinal chemistry lab of Abbot Healthcare Products in Amsterdam where he worked on the synthesis of CNS-active compounds. After working in industry, he came back to academia and joined the Gouverneur Group in May 2011 for a short research project on fluorination of arenes, followed by starting his DPhil project on electrophilic and radical trifluoromethylation chemistry in October 2011.
Samuel Calderwood is a DPhil student at Jesus College. His research interests cover the modification and application of the methods developed in the group for use in SOMIL.