Group Members

Osman Tack was a summer intern prior to commencing his Part II with the group in September 2014. His project is exploring new fluorinating methods using small molecule Hydrogen-bond donors. In his spare time Osman is a concert pianist, giving regular recitals, and he frequently accompanies a variety of musicians. He also enjoys teaching piano and violin.
David Ascough first worked in the VG group as a summer intern in 2013, developing new methodologies for 18F radiolabelling. After a 2 month summer internship in 2014 working in the Hashmi group at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, David re-joined the group for his Part II. In his spare time he enjoys photography, rifle shooting and aviation, as well as classic comedy and drinking different types of tea.


Katherine Fisher (Katie) joined the group as a part II in September 2014 and is currently working on the synthesis of biologically significant molecules. She is an undergraduate at Merton College. In her spare time she enjoys helping at Sunday school as well as other voluntary work, with both people and animals. She also likes travelling, dancing, swimming and crafts.


Stephen Fielden is a Part II student in the Gouverneur group working on novel methods for the fluorination and radiolabelling of compounds of biological significance. In his spare time he enjoys brewing and drinking his own beer and cooking.