All on Wednesdays in the CRL Basement seminar room at 8 am (unless stated otherwise); speakers are responsible for setting up their presentation before the start of the meeting. Meetings should end ~ 9 am. All presentations should be prepared and delivered in a scholarly manner (use the group ppt presentation template) in line with the time allocated. NEW: The meetings in TT 2016 are held on Thursdays 6-7 pm CRL Basement seminar room.


7th October
Prof. Gouverneur - Welcome/Admin

14th October
Dr. Paolo Ricci

21st October
Gregor Cremosnik

4th November
Dr. Sean Preshlock

18th November

25th November
Dr. Yanlan Wang


13th January
Dr. Janis Veliks
Stephen Hyde

28th January
Francesco Ibba

10th February
Sonia De Munari

24th February
Dr. Michael Schedler
Dr. Enrico Emer

9th March
Literature review

23rd March
Lukas Pfeifer

6th April
Thomas Wilson

13th April
Dr. Stefan Gruber

28th April
Osman Tack

5th May
Ermal Ismalaj (RADIOMI ESR, UCBL - France)

19th May
Stephen Hyde


Weekly sub-group meetings

Monday 09:00 - 12:00

Group A (odd weeks)

David*, Stefan G*, Stefan V/Sean
Michael*, Enrico, Nick, Stefan V/Sean
Osman, Plum, Stefan/Sean
Greg/Tom, Stefan V/Sean
Stefan V/Sean and Sam

Group B (even weeks)

Stephen H, David*
Gregor, Yanlan
Paolo, Plum
Janis, Enrico, Lukas
Lukas, Francesco
Stefan V/Sean and Sam

* - group alumni in TT 2016

Quarterly report submission dates

January 15th
April 15th
July 15th
October 15th