All on Fridays in the CRL Basement meeting room at 8 am (unless stated otherwise); speakers are responsible for setting up their presentation before the start of the meeting. Meetings should end ~ 9 am. All presentations should be prepared and delivered in a scholarly manner (use the group ppt presentation template) in line with the time allocated.


17th January
Dr. Benoit Liegault

24th January
Dr. Shilu Fan

31st January
Dr. Stefan Gruber

7th February

14th February
Dr. Enrico Emer
Lukas Pfeifer

21th February
Dr. Sean Preshlock

28th February
Tanatorn Khotavivattana (Plum)
Jack Twilton

7th March - Cancelled
Greg McSweeney

14th March

21st March
Miriam O'Duill

31th March - 3 pm
Sam Calderwood
Alexander Bajjon

11th April
Faye Buckingham

2nd May
Stefan Verhoog

16th May
Gregor Cremosnik

30 May
Dr. Emmanuelle Dubost

24 June
Nicholas Taylor
Dr. Zhanghua Gao (Mark)


Weekly sub-group meetings

Monday 8.15 am
Week 1
Week 2

Tuesday 8.15 am
Week 1
Week 2

Wednesday 11.15 am
Week 1
Week 2

Thursday 11.15 am
Week 1
Week 2

Friday 11.15 am
Week 1
Week 2

Quarterly report submission dates

January 15th
April 15th
July 15th
October 15th