All on Wednesdays in the CRL Basement meeting room at 8 am (unless stated otherwise); speakers are responsible for setting up their presentation before the start of the meeting. Meetings should end ~ 9 am. All presentations should be prepared and delivered in a scholarly manner (use the group ppt presentation template) in line with the time allocated.


7th October
Prof. Gouverneur - Welcome/Admin

14th October

21st October

28th October

4th November

18th November

25th November

2nd December

9th December

16th December




Weekly sub-group meetings

Monday 8.15 am
Week 1
Week 2

Tuesday 8.15 am
Week 1
Week 2

Wednesday 11.15 am
Week 1
Week 2

Thursday 11.15 am
Week 1
Week 2

Friday 11.15 am
Week 1
Week 2

Quarterly report submission dates

January 15th
April 15th
July 15th
October 15th