Michael Vickers

Israel: 1993, Visiting Scholar, Institute for Advanced Study, Hebrew University in Jerusalem. (This work resulted in: Images on Textiles: the Weave of Fifth-Century Athenian Art and Society [in Xenia: Konstanzer Althistorische Vorträge und Forschungen] 1999)

Turkey: Survey of the Greco-Roman city of Diocaesarea (Uzuncaburç), Cilicia, 1966; spent three seasons (1967-1969) as Site-Supervisor at the excavation of an early Christian church at Saraçhane, Istanbul.

Greece: Studied the classical and early Byzantine monuments of Thessaloniki between 1967 and 1973.

Libya: Resident in Cyrenaica (1969-70) and travelled widely throughout the area; Co-director of the survey and partial excavation of the Roman circus at Lepcis Magna in 1974.