I work on the late republic, especially Sallust, who appeals to me because he watched his world fall apart and because he is fascinated by troublemakers— even if not always sympathetic to them. My own focus is particularly on Sallust’s Historiae and on Sallust’s representation of Roman rhetoric. I have also been working recently in classical reception, where my research is focused on the modernist American poet E.E. Cummings. I like the way that Cummings responds to Classical verse: ambitious, provocative, and disobedient.

          My first academic book, E.E. Cummings’ Modernism and the Classics: Each Imperishable Stanza will be out on 22 September 2016 with Oxford University Press (available now for pre-order) and my second, Rome after Sulla, in winter 2016/2017 with Bloomsbury Academic. I am currently also writing my third book: a commercial non-fiction book which sold to W.W. Norton via my literary agent, Georgina Capel.

          I have been at Oxford since I read Ancient & Modern History as an undergraduate. I did my graduate work on Sallust’s Historiae, and I am now a Lecturer at Balliol College and Lecturer in Ancient History / Director of Studies for Classics at Regent’s Park College. I teach Roman history and classical reception. I can be contacted by e-mail at “alison.rosenblitt@classics.ox.ac.uk” or by post to Regent’s Park. I will always be happy to talk to candidates interested in applying to Regent’s Park to study Classics, Classics & English, Ancient & Modern History, or Classical Archaeology & Ancient History.

          During this academic year (2015-2016), I will be at the Houghton Library (Harvard University) for a month as a Joan Nordell Fellow and I will be at the Harry Ransom Center (University of Texas at Austin) for a month as a Harry Ransom Center Research Fellow in the Humanities, supported by the Frederic D. Weinstein Memorial Fellowship.




Rome after Sulla. Bloomsbury Academic. Hardback, paperback, and e-book. in preparation. Publication expected winter 2016/2017.

E.E. Cummings’ Modernism and the Classics: Each Imperishable Stanza. Oxford University Press: Classical Presences Series. Hardback and e-book, available for pre-order. Publication date: 22 September 2016. OUP link; Amazon.com link; Amazon.co.uk link.





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forthcoming. Review of James Dempsey. The Tortured Life of Scofield Thayer. University Press of Florida, 2014. Hardback. 256pp. $39.95. In Spring: the Journal of the E.E. Cummings Society 21-22 (2015). (Book review.)



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