Supervision, Teaching, and Introducing Philosophy

I would be interested in supervising research students working on logic or the philosophy of mathematics. For the Oxford BPhil, I supervise the Original Authorities for the Rise of Modern Logic, Philosophical Logic and the Philosophy of Language (with a slant towards logic), Frege (with a slant towards logic and the philosophy of mathematics), Metaphysics and Epistemology, and some parts of Formal Logic.

The undergraduate papers I regularly teach are: the various Oxford logic papers (Introduction to Logic, Elements of Deductive Logic, Formal Logic), Knowledge and Reality, General Philosophy, Philosophy of Mathematics, Fregeís Foundations of Arithmetic, Philosophy of Logic and Language, Philosophy of Science, and Philosophy of Science and Social Science.

I also enjoy giving talks to secondary schools and general audiences. Iím currently writing an introduction to the philosophy of mathematics aimed at anyone with an interest in maths susceptible to wondering what itís about. The book is provisionally called What is a Number?