KUHN                                                            SCI/005

                                                            20 January 2000




Kuhn,T.S.                      The Structure of Scientific Revolutions


                              The Essential Tension(see esp."The Essential Tension"

                              and "Objectivity,Value Judgment and Theory Choice")


                              "Commensurability, Comparability, Communicability"

                              in PSA 1982  P Asquith & T Nickles (eds), 669-688.


Gutting, G (ed.)                 Paradigms and Revolutions


Hacking, I (ed.)                 Scientific Revolutions (OUP 1982)


Horwich, P (ed.)                World Changes: Thomas Kuhn and the Nature of Science (MIT Press 1993)


Kordig,C.R.                    The Justification of Scientific Change


Lakatos,I.& Musgrave,A.         Criticism and the Growth of Knowledge (esp papers by

                              Feyerabend, Kuhn and Watkins)



Laudan,L.                      Progress and its Problems, Ch.3.

                              Science and Values



Newton-Smith,W.               The Rationality of Science, Ch.V.



Rorty,R.                        Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature, Ch.7.



Salmon, M H: et. al.              Introduction to the Philosophy of Science (Prentice

                              Hall, 1992), Ch. 5



Shapere,D.                     "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions"Philosophical




1.  To what extent, if any, is Kuhn committed to an objectionable form of relativism?


2.  Is Kuhn entitled to have a notion of scientific progress?


3.  In what ways if any is Kuhn's model of science an advance on that of Popper's?