POPPER                                                                                                                                                         SCI/004

                                                                                                                        20 January 2000



Popper,K.                        Conjectures and Refutations Ch.1,3,10.


                        The Logic of Scientific Discovery, Ch.1,2,4.


                        Objective Knowledge, Ch.1,2,5.


                        The Poverty of Historicism esp Ch. 1,4.



Ackermann, R.            The Philosophy of Karl Popper (University of Massachusetts Press)


Lakatos, I.                        "Falsification and the Methodology of Scienctific

                        Research Programmes" in Criticism and the Growth of

                        Knowledge (eds.Lakatos and Musgrave), also in The

                        Methodology of Scientific Research Programmes (eds. J.

                        Worrall and G. Curry).



Newton-Smith, W H                        The Rationality of Science (Ch. 3)



O'Hear, A.                        Karl Popper Ch.1-6



O'Hear, A (ed.)                        Karl Popper: Philosophy and Problems (Cambridge

                        University Press, 1995)



Schilpp, P.A.(ed.)                        The Philosophy of Karl Popper [see especially H

                        Putnam's "THe 'Corroboration' of Theories".]




What is Popper's conception of the goal of science?  What is his account of the scientific method?  Would it be rational to accept both of these?



Has Popper given a satisfactory characterization of science?  Is it important to to provide one?  What is your characterization?