Michelmas Term 2011

1st Week Thursday 13th October, 8pm

Old Law Library, Magdalen
Sonic Screwdriver cocktail
Freshers' Drinks
Free drinks and meeting the fabulous members of DocSoc; I don't know what more you could want, really. There'll be Doctor Who themed cocktails, and, possibly, if no one can talk the society's President out of it, fishfingers and custard. We'll be meeting at Magdalen Porters' Lodge at five to eight to help everyone find their way to the room.
2nd Week Thursday 20th October, 8pm

Daubeny Lecture Theatre, Magdalen
Pyramids of Mars
Going slightly off course, the TARDIS lands the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith inside a Victorian mansion. The owner is missing, and before long they're under attack by what appear to be mummies, which are roaming the grounds in a generally murderous fashion.
3rd Week Thursday 27th OCtober, 8pm

Daubeny Lecture Theatre, Magdalen
The Mind Robber
This episode features the Second Doctor, Zoe, Jamie, trees that turn into letters when seen from above, a unicorn, Medusa, Rapunzel, and giant toy soldiers. I haven't seen it yet, but I am reliably informed that it is really weird. In case you couldn't tell from that description.
4th Week Thursday 3rd November, 8pm

Daubeny Lecture Theatre, Magdalen
Bad Wolf
Bad Wolf and The Parting of the Ways
The two-part finale to New Who series 1. The Doctor, Jack and Rose are dragged into TV shows which are quite a lot like some programmes we might recognise, only with significantly more death. Then things get worse. The first time the Daleks try to destroy the earth in the new series (but definitely not the last), and the Doctor's first regeneration in it as well.
5th Week Thursday 10th November, 8pm

North Quad Lecture Room, St. John's
The Geek Quiz
In the now-legendary Geek Quiz, members of Oxford's geekiest societies get together in order to battle it out for the crown of "team who won that term". Start writing your rounds now!
6th Week Thursday 17th November, 8pm

Daubeny Lecture Theatre, Magdalen
The Time Warrior
Sarah Jane
This Third Doctor story is filled with landmarks for the show: the first appearances of the Sontarans and Sarah-Jane Smith (portrayed by the legendary, late Elisabeth Sladen) as well as the first time that Gallifrey is referred to by name, so if for no other reason, The Time Warrior is worth seeing. But just in case you're not entirely persuaded, it also has bandits from the Middle Ages and the Brigadier. I'll see you there.
7th Week Thursday 24th November, 8pm

DocSoc Meal
This term, we continue our quest to eat every type of cuisine available in Oxford with a trip to Nandos on George Street.
Saturday 26th November, time TBC

Location TBC
The Trial of a Time Lord Marathon
No, we're not joking. Yes, it's Colin Baker (and his face we get to see up close much too much); yes, we are going to watch all 14 episodes of it; yes, in one sitting; and yes, you will lose your sanity (if you haven't already). The Sixth Doctor is standing trial back on Gallifrey, accused of breaking the Gallifreyan laws of interference of genocide (hmm, sound like any other Doctor we know?), so come along to see Brian Blessed, Peri die (but actually not - a lovely early tribute to the show's inability to kill off [annoying] companions) and be replaced by Mel. Wait, why are we watching this again?
8th Week Thursday 10 March, 8pm

St John's MCR
Eighth Week is 80s week! (Snakedance)
The Fifth Doctor
Tegan's being used by the Mara (again) and gets the TARDIS to land on the planet Manussa. There, despite the planet celebrating its 500th anniversary of the banishment of the Mara, the Mara also takes control of Lon (a very young Martin Clunes) and uses both of them to steal the Great Crystal from a guy in a pink and black fur hat. In order to stop the Mara from existing physically again with the help of the Crystal, the Doctor allows himself to be bitten by a snake so that he can commune with a dead dude who predicted the Mara's rebirth and who tells him that fear is the only weapon against the Mara. Weren't the Eighties great!.

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