Gallery of Banner Images

Since the site redesign in 2012, several different banners have been created for the top of the page. The original banner was created for the new site, and featured all eleven Doctors with a new logo for the society based on the Series 5+ Doctor Who logo.

Original Title banner

For the 50th Anniversary Year in 2013, a modified version of this banner was created; this featured a new picture of the Eleventh Doctor from the second half of Series 7, and replaced the society logo with a new title using the font associated with the Series 7 credits, and mentioning the anniversary celebrations. It also featured a quote underneath the images, in this case Clara's line from The Name of the Doctor.

50th Anniversary banner

This banner evolved into a series featuring the Doctor's enemies and their associated catchphrases, which were randomly displayed on all pages except the homepage in the build-up to 23rd November. The first derivative featured the Master, with all six of his known forms; unlike the Doctors, there weren't featured in any chronological order, instead being arranged to suit the composition of the image.

The Master banner

Of course, there was also a variant featuring the various Daleks; uniquely among the banners, this also featured a font change to include the Dalek font, and the text at the top was changed to note that 1963 is also the 50th Anniversary of the first appearance of the Daleks. Featured are all the Dalek variant constituting a significant redesign, starting with a 60s Dalek (from The Dalek Invasion of Earth I believe), moving on through the 70s variant (also used as Renegade Daleks in the 80s - this one unfortunately had to be reversed for to fit the image) to the Imperial Dalek and Special Weapons Dalek from Remembrance of the Daleks. Flanking Davros (shown here from The Stolen Earth/Journey's End) are the Time War Dalek (from Dalek) and the recoloured New Paradigm Dalek from Asylum of the Daleks.
Daleks banner

The other monsters to get their own banner were the Cybermen, featuring every variant from the original Mondasians from The Tenth Planet, through the 60s variants (taken from The Moonbase and The Wheel in Space) to the version seen in Revenge of the Cybermen, the 80s version (as seen in The Five Doctors), the modern Cybus Cybermen and finally the version introduced in Nightmare in Silver.
Cybermen banner

The remaining classic monsters were featured on one final banner; the images used tend towards the most recent version of a monster, since they have better quality costumes and higher resolution images, except where a significant redesign occurred (this being why there are both old and new Silurians) or there is an old, iconic image of a monster (such as the Auton from Spearhead from Space). The featured monsters are: the Zygons (as seen in The Day of the Doctor, and initially omitted to avoid spoilers), the Great Intelligence (from Series 7, and accompanied by a Whisperman from The Name of the Doctor), the Weeping Angels, a modern Silurian (from The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood), the Ice Warriors (from Cold War), the Time Lords (as represented by Rassilon from The End of Time), the Silence, the Sontarans (from The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky), an original Silurian from the eponymous serial, Omega (from The Three Doctors), the Autons, and the Sea Devils (also from their eponymous story). The quote used underneath is from the Second Doctor's defence at his trial in The War Games, and continues "Things which act against everything we believe in. They must be fought."

Classic Monsters banner

The end of the Anniversary celebrations brought with it several revelations about the Doctor, and a new banner was created, this one featuring all thirteen Doctors seen in The Day of the Doctor. A derivation of the pre-Anniversary banner, the bottom quote was replaced with one from the special, and several other changes were made. Firstly, the War Doctor was included following his acknowledgement at the end of The Day of the Doctor; this had the knock-on effect of swapping the Ninth and Tenth Doctors to maintain the alternation pattern. The Ninth Doctor's image was simply flipped (having been flipped in the first place for the original banner), while the picture of the Tenth Doctor was completely replaced due to dissatisfaction with the original. Meanwhile, the image of the Eighth Doctor was replaced by one of his most recent appearance in The Night of the Doctor; the only available picture of Peter Capaldi's Doctor was of his eyes from the saving of Gallifrey, and these were placed behind the Eleventh Doctor to signify his looming presence. Finally, a regenerative glow was laid over the background, both to help with blending in Peter Capaldi's eyes, and to generally represent the Doctor's regenerations, past and future.

Post-50 banner

In early 2014, a publicity shot of Peter Capaldi in costume was finally released, allowing for a shot of the new Doctor that shows more than just his eyes; with this in mind, one more iteration of the banner was created, this time replacing Capaldi's eyes from the background with a proper image of the Twelfth Doctor. For the first time since these banners were first created, Matt Smith moved out of the spotlight, with the Eleventh Doctor moving off to the right to join the Ninth and the other Doctors in that alternating line, and the various incarnations of the Doctor on both sides of the banner were moved out slightly to create space for the latest from among their number. The regenerative glow in the background was kept, but the quote was changed to the Fifth Doctor's line from Castrovalva about regeneration. The text at the top was also changed slightly to acknowledge that the fiftieth anniversary was truly behind us.

Twelfth Doctor banner

The mobile version of the site presented its own challenges; in designing for a smaller screen, it was found that the banner looked too small and cramped, and the text was illegible. To help with this, a series were designed with a simpler format: one image of the Doctor, along with larger text, in a ratio better suited to mobile phone screens. The first features the First Doctor, with a quote taken from his speech at the end of The Dalek Invasion of Earth.

First Doctor banner

The Second Doctor was accompanied by a quote from The Wheel in Space...

Second Doctor banner

...while the Third Doctor's quote is taken from The Planet of the Daleks.

Third Doctor banner

The Fourth Doctor, meanwhile, appears next to a quote from his debut story Robot:

Fourth Doctor banner

The Fifth Doctor's quote comes from Frontios...

Fifth Doctor banner

... and the Sixth Doctor's from The Trial of a Time Lord.

Sixth Doctor banner

The Seventh and Eighth Doctor's quotes are from Remembrance of the Daleks and Doctor Who - The Movie respectively:

Seventh Doctor banner
Eighth Doctor banner

The remainder of this series are still in production and will appear here as they are ready.

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