Locations used by the society

The society uses a variety of locations for its regular meetings: the current termcard specifies in which room a particular meeting will occur.

These locations may change between terms due to circumstances beyond our control, but currently the society holds most of its weekly video meetings in the Seminar Room in Corpus Christi College. The Geek Quiz is usually held in the Daubeny building, Magdalen College.

Directions to the rooms used by the society can be found below. More comprehensive pages can be found on our desktop site

The Seminar Room, Mansfield College

The Mansfield Seminar Room has been the main venue for our weekly meetings since Hilary Term 2018.

Mansfield College is located on Mansfield Road, opposite the Oxford University Club.

From the main entrance, walk past the porters lodge and continue straight towards the new building on the other side of the quad. Turn left at the end of the long building on the left and enter the door to the garden building. Continue through the door straight ahead inside and find the room on the right.

Worcester JCR

The Worcester College JCR is the current location of WhoSoc live episode viewings. Food and Drink can be brought in, and there are plenty of sofas to relax on. Toilets are located on the second floor or over in pump quad.

Worcester College is located at the end of Beaumont Street. After entering through the main entrance, go left around the quad, down the stairs, and head for Staircase 11. Go up the stairs, and go through the big blue door on the first floor.

Nazrin Shah Building, Worcester College

The Nazrin Shah Building in Worcester College is the Current Location of the Geek Quiz, where the Geeky Oxford Societies come together for a battle of wits. Food and drink, with the exception of water, is forbidden in the Lecture Theatre, but you can eat and drink in the hub next to it.

Worcester College is located at the end of Beaumont Street. After entering through the main entrance, go right around the quad, and down the staircase at the end. Walk across Besse Quad and out across the Orchard, through the Nash Building, and then turn left, head under Sainsbury Building, and the Nazrin Shah Building is ahead of you. If that sounds complicated, don’t worry, as WhoSoc will be there to guide you!

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