Locations used by the society

The society uses a variety of locations for its regular meetings: the current termcard specifies in which room a particular meeting will occur.

These locations may change between terms due to circumstances beyond our control, but currently the society holds most of its weekly video meetings in the Daubeny Lecture Theatre in Magdalen. The termly marathon is held in the Old Law Library or Lecture Room A, at Magdalen.

Directions to the rooms used by the society can be found below. More comprehensive pages can be found on our Desktop site

The Daubeny Lecture Theatre, Magdalen College

Lecture Room 2, at Christ Church, is the main venue for our weekly meetings since Trinity 2012.

The Daubeny Lecture Theatre is the current main venue for our weekly meetings as of Trinity 2014, after an absence of two years.

The Lecture Theatre is a large, open room with a large number of free-standing chairs and, crucially, a projector, large screen, and sound system, which are used for our video meetings. However, there is a strict ban on eating and drinking in the Daubeny Lecture Theatre, so please do not bring any food or drink.

If you don't know where the Daubeny is, then it's best to be outside the Magdalen Porter's Lodge on the east end of the High Street, near Magdalen Bridge just before 8pm to catch us walking over. If you arrive subsequently, then entrance is via Rose Lane and it's best to ring a member of society already in attendance if you can't get it.

Old Law Library, Magdalen College

The Old Law Library, or the adjacent Lecture Room A, is the venue for our termly marathon.

These rooms are almost mirror images of each other - they are not particularly large, and do not have an inbuilt television, or projector/sound system; however, you are allowed to eat and drink in them, crucially for a session as long as the marathon. On the occasion of the marathon, members of the society will move a projector or television into the room.

The Old Law Library is inside the main walls of Magdalen College, in St. Swithun's Quad - enter the College through the main lodge on the High Street, and pass through the first quad to the far left corner. Go through the archway under St. Swithun's Tower, past the 'Members Only' sign, and the rooms are on the left: the Old Law Library is in the second staircase on the left, with its windows just to the left of the door - knock on these for access; Lecture Room A is in the first staircase on the left - knock on the windows just to the right of the door.

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