Hilary Term 2010

1st Week Thursday 21st January, 8pm

St. John's College Video Room
The Tenth Doctor The Fourth Doctor
The Sontaran Experiment & The Poison Sky and The Sontaran Strategem
A celebration of everyone's favourite potato-headed aliens, we take a look at two very different treatments of a recurring alien race. The Sontaran Experiment is a Tom Baker two-parter (from back where the episodes were twenty minutes long!), featuring a Sontaran who is carrying out gruesome experiments on the people of Earth. The Doctor, Sarah Jane and Harry spend a surprising amount of time falling down holes and/or getting tortured in the name of science. The Poison Sky and The Sontaran Stratagem are a David Tennant two-parter, showcasing Russell T Davies' obsession with the malevolent possibilities of Modern Technology, UNIT, and two Marthas. According to one interview, Catherine Tate (Donna) spent two weeks filming these episodes before she realised that there were people inside the Sontaran costumes!
2nd Week Thursday 28th January, 8pm

St. John's College Video Room
The Second Doctor
The Invasion
A classic Patrick Troughton story in eight parts, featuring 1960s UNIT and the first ever appearance of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (who's just been promoted!). Episodes 1 and 4 were destroyed (thanks, BBC) so we'll be watching the excellent animated reconstructions of those episodes. But I'm not going to tell you who or what is invading, because that would be a spoiler...
3rd Week Thursday 4th February, 8pm

St. John's College Video Room
The Third Doctor
The Green Death
A charmingly right-on tale that only the 1970s could ever have produced; the Doctor and Jo visit a camp full of hippies and take on an evil megacorporation whose polluting practices have led to a race of toxic green maggots. Rumours that some of the maggot props where made from inflated condoms backlit with green light are entirely founded on truth.
4th Week Thursday 11th February, 8pm

St. John's College Video Room
The Seventh Doctor
The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
Sylvester McCoy's Seventh Doctor was really starting to get epic by the time this aired in 1989. In this four-parter, he and bad-girl companion Ace visit a creepy circus which turns out to be a lot more than it appears, and end up having to perform for their very survival...
5th Week Thursday 18th February, 8pm

North Quad Lecture Room, St. John's
The Geek Quiz
In the now-legendary Geek Quiz, members of Oxford's geekiest societies get together in order to battle it out for the crown of "team who won that term". Start writing your rounds now!
6th Week Thursday 25th February, 8pm

St. John's College Video Room
The Fourth Doctor
Terror of the Zygons
Tom Baker! Sarah Jane Smith! Navy surgeon Harry Sullivan! ("He's only qualified to work on sailors".) The Brigadier in a kilt! As well as giving one of the two competing Whoniverse explanations for the origins of the Loch Ness monster, this episode contains an organically grown spaceship interior, masterfully realised on a BBC props department budget.
7th Week Thursday 4th March, 8pm

Everest Nepalese Restaurant
DocSoc Meal
This term, we continue our quest to eat every type of cuisine available in Oxford with a trip to Everest which, it turns out, is just off the Iffley Road.
Saturday 6th March, 2pm

Saskatchewan Room, Exeter College
The Fourth Doctor The Third Doctor
The Mythology marathon
Our termly marathon showcases some of the more dubious offerings from the Who canon, which the society generally considers to be greatly improved by the addition of alcohol and MSTing. Prepare for implausible costumes, incomprehensible scripts, and inexplicable directorial choices! This term, we will be watching a triple bill of stories that were heavily inspired by myths and legends.

  • The Time Monster: Pertwee at its most surreal.
  • Underworld: A Space Oddity.
  • The Horns of Nimon: Gold pants and sandals. Anyone wishing to enter the spirit of things in gold pants is reminded that it is winter.
8th Week Thursday 11th March, 8pm

St. John's College Video Room
The Sixth Doctor The Fifth Doctor
Eighth Week is Eighties Week! - Arc of Infinity & City at the Edge of the World
A double-bill of 80s sci-fi featuring Colin Baker - but no Sixth Doctor in sight!

Arc of Infinity

A being composed of pure anti-matter? But surely that's impossible! Lots of old-school Gallifrey in this Peter Davison story, including a guest appearance from Colin Baker as Commander Maxil. The more fannishly inclined amongst you may wish to wonder why the Doctor then goes on to take this man's face when he regenerates...

City at the Edge of the World

An episode of Blake's 7 from the third season, featuring Colin Baker as Bayban the Butcher. Blake's 7 was one of Joss Whedon's biggest influences in creating Firefly, and it really shows. Classic dystopian sci-fi featuring Colin Baker's Face - an excellent way to end the term.

An archive of past termcards from the last few years can be found here.

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