Hilary Term 2013

1st Week Thursday 17th January, 8pm

Lecture Room 2, Christ Church
The Ninth Doctor The Fifth Doctor
Dalek and Resurrection of the Daleks
We kick off the term with not one but two Doctors pitting themselves against the Daleks. Captured in a Time Corridor, the Fifth Doctor, Davison, and his companions are forced to land on 20th Century Earth, diverted by the Doctor's oldest enemy - the Daleks. It is here the true purpose of the Time Corridor becomes apparent: after ninety years of imprisonment, Davros, the ruthless creator of the Daleks, is to be liberated to assist in the resurrection of his army. In the next episode, the Ninth Doctor and Rose arrive in 2012 to answer a distress signal and meet a collector of alien artefacts who has one living specimen. However, the Doctor is horrified to find out that the creature is a member of a race he thought was destroyed: a Dalek.
2nd Week Thursday 24th January, 8pm

Lecture Room 2, Christ Church
The Second Doctor
The Krotons
Back to some cheesy, black and white Who this week with the Second Doctor on 2nd Week. The TARDIS arrives on the unnamed planet of the Gonds, who are ruled and taught in a form of self-perpetuating slavery by the alien Krotons - crystalline beings whose ship, the Dynatrope, crash-landed there thousands of years earlier after being damaged in a space battle. Periodically, the two most brilliant Gond students are received into the Dynatrope, nominally to become "companions of the Krotons" but in truth to have their mental energy drained, after which they are killed. Can the Doctor break the cycle and save the Gonds?
3rd Week Thursday 31st January, 8pm

Lecture Room 2, Christ Church
The Eleventh Doctor The Fourth Doctor
Vampires of Venice and State of Decay
Another double Doctor treat this week as both the Fourth and Eleventh Doctors take on blood-sucking foes. First, we join Matt Smith as he attempts to take the Ponds on a romantic trip to Venice which soon goes horribly wrong. The Doctor and his companions quickly discover that Signora Calvierri's school for the betterment of young ladies hides a sinister secret. In State of Decay, the Fourth Doctor's TARDIS materialises on a medieval planet, where the townsfolk live in fear of the Three Who Rule, who govern from their mighty castle. Investigating, the Doctor discovers that the Three Who Rule are ancient astronauts who became vampires long ago, and their castle is actually their spaceship. When Romana and Adric are kidnapped, the Doctor must ally himself with a band of renegade peasants to stop the resurrection of one of Gallifrey's greatest enemies: the King Vampire itself.
4th Week Thursday 7th February, 8pm

Lecture Room 2, Christ Church
The Seventh Doctor
Paradise Towers with Committee Elections
According to the sales brochure, Paradise Towers is a utopian blueprint for community living: the perfect place for Mel to take a leisurely swim. However, when the TARDIS arrives, the Seventh Doctor and she discover that the futuristic tower block has fallen into ruin and a series of unexplained disappearances have the tenants terrorised. As gangs of teenage girls run wild in the hallways, a squad of bureaucratic Caretakers struggle to retain control. To keep the citizens of Paradise Towers safe, the Doctor must confront the resident evil lurking in the basement... Elections will be held at the end of the meeting. Anyone who fancies running for a position is more than welcome to apply, particularly if you think you have presidential qualities. Or just come and take part in something vaguely resembling democracy.
5th Week Thursday 14th February, 8pm

North Quad Lecture Room, St. John's
The Geek Quiz
In the legendary Geek Quiz, members of Oxford's geekiest societies get together in order to battle it out for the crown of "team who won that term". If you can write a round not entirely related to Doctor Who, then bring it along. Be there and not feel square for once (unless your round foxes everyone).
6th Week Thursday 21st February, 8pm

Lecture Room 2, Christ Church
The Third Doctor
The Ambassadors of Death
Time for Pertwee and Liz Shaw this week. The Doctor joins UNIT's investigation of the mystery surrounding Mars Probe 7. Space Control has had no contact with the astronauts on board since it started back from Mars seven months ago. Now the Recovery 7 rescue mission has run into similar difficulties. This second ship gets back to Earth, but the astronauts are kidnapped after landing and Liz Shaw notices that the Geiger counter is at maximum. It turns out that the ship's occupants were not the human astronauts after all...
7th Week Thursday 28th February, 8pm

Atomic Burger, 96 Cowley Rd
DocSoc Meal
It's back to our old favourite this term, Atomic Burger. Packed with pop culture and every burger imaginable, near to most and somewhere that will actually appreciate us: perfect.
Saturday 2nd March, 12 pm

Old Law Library, Magdalen
Tenth Doctor Fourth Doctor Third Doctor First Doctor
Bug-Eyed Monsters Marathon
After the vampires in 3rd Week, we'll be completing our monstrous Who collection with the termly marathon. This term we join the Fourth, Third, First and Tenth Doctors for: The Ark in Space, Planet of the Spiders, The Web Planet and The Unicorn and the Wasp. Beware, all those with arachnophobia, or spheksophobia for that matter.
8th Week Thursday 7th March, 8pm

Lecture Room 2, Christ Church
The Fifth Doctor
Warriors of the Deep
Haven't had enough of the Fifth Doctor, Tegan and Turlough? Then what luck! We have another week with Peter Davison and this time we see the return of two monster races last seen during the Jon Pertwee era, the Silurians and the Sea Devils. The year is 2084, and there is a cold war in progress. The world is divided into two opposing superpower blocs. One of the blocs has created a secret base, Sea Base 4. The Fifth Doctor, Tegan and Turlough arrive on Sea Base 4, a nuclear warhead station under the sea that has some very nasty neighbours.

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